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07-26-2002, 11:29 AM
I'm offering co-registration services to help your build your ezine/newsletter FAST!

Co-regs are collected on Twisterspot.com (on taf forms) and I can provide the following info: email, first name, last name, ip, time stamp.

Pricing is as low as only $0.02 for email only co-regs, these include ZERO duplicates and any undeliverable emails will be replaced at no cost.
* The other fields can be provided at extra cost.

Typical delivery rate is 1500-3000 co-regs per day! So almost any order will be filled REALLY FAST!

Also my taf forms have only 4 boxes with other ezines on them so you will have VERY little competition and co-regs will NOT be saturated like they tend to be on forms with 10-15 boxes!

A minimum order is just 5,000 co-regs which will probably be fulfilled within less than a week. (probably within 2-3 days but I guarantee it to be filled within less than a week!)

Contact me now at max@funezines.com to discuss options.
Or via ICQ #96512555

I'm also offering professional list hosting services on dedicated lyris servers. Prices are VERY LOW $10 a month per list + $7.5 per gigabyte of email transferred!
* Lists over 75,000 subscribers are required to use a minimum of 120 kb of email per subscriber per month.

Each server is NOT overstocked with lists - like other hosting companies do. We put on each server a maximum of 75% of the total daily mailout capacity. Meaning that a server that can send a maximum of 2.4 million email per day will have at most 1.8 million subscriber on it! This allows all of our servers to function at top speeds all the time and have VERY little downtime!

We have several servers with varying speeds. The slowest ones send only 100,000 email per hour.

The fastest one sends approximately 1,000,000 emails per hour.
* This server is designed for VERY large lists only!

Aside those we have several servers sending at 300,000 and 600,000 emails an hour.

There are NO CONTRACTS to sign when you host your list with us - you can leave at any time, if you want to!

Email me now to set up YOUR list with us - and feel the powerful quality of a lyris server run at it's top speed, along with the lowest price you'll find for professional list hosting with NO forced ads or limitations.
Email: max@funezines.com
Icq: 96512555

Still have doubts?

Try going to the sites of ANY of the other professional list hosts and you'll find out their prices are between 2-8 times higher than these! - And none ***guarantees*** not to stock up hundreds of lists on each server with many millions of subscribers! (creates HUGE delivery delays!)

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.
max@funezines.com ICQ #96512555

Best Regards,
Max Shifrin.

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