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06-03-2002, 12:43 PM
The site is TeenChatRoomSite.com

It is listed in Yahoo.com and receives over 1000 uniques per day with good traffic from Lycos and Google. The domain offers huge potential for growth owing to the amount of strong keywords it contains (about 12). Full stats are also available.

Due to work committments I no longer have the time to continue to run this site, and update the content. Revenue is little as the site hasnt been developed yet and it currently doing about $500 pa. Long term the site can offer you a good platform to promote products especially if you have your own to market to a teen audience.

An offer of $2200 is currently being considered. I will consider all offers in excess of $2500 - first come, first serve, last chance. Write to me at

Biggest Geek
TeenChatRoomSite.com (http://TeenChatRoomSite.com)

06-03-2002, 06:08 PM
Looks like a rip of www.neonteen.com/chat/