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04-25-2002, 03:31 PM

I am the webmaster of SABsolutions.com

Here is some information I have posted:

I am asking $5,000 on bizbuysell, but am willing to go much lower. Please send inquiries to: webmaster@sabsolutions.com

The primary asset of this business is the intellectual property in the form of ASP source code and databases that have been developed. There are two main products of SAB Solutions: ASPQuizzer and Linkswapper. ASPQuizzer is a web-based quiz engine designed for learning and testing. The data in the form of question & answers is stored in an XML format. Supports multiple categories of questions & multiple answer files. I have had enquires from Siemens AG about licensing the product for commercial use. A modified version of ASPQuizzer is currently powering the site CertQuizzer.com. This site is also for sale (I am the operator) if you are interested. The next piece of intellectual property for sale is Linkswapper-a text link exchange script. Unlike a typical banner exchange, Linkswapper exchanges actual text links on other web sites. The purchaser of this business has the opportunity to grow the network and eventually sell advertising (links) into the network, similar to Sprinks.com. Site statistics for SABSolutions.com are available at: (http://sabsolutions.com/stats/). This traffic was generated with an advertising budget of $0. All intellectual property rights will be transferred to the new owner, including domain name (sabsolutions.com), two months of hosting ($10 / month), databases, source code, and two months of training and support. The new owner will be free to take the web-based scripts and sell them to third parties or repackage (re-brand) them in any manner they see fit.

General Information
Year Established: 2001
Employees: 1
Facilities: Home Based

Market Outlook
Competition: The primary market is web-based applications, including the education and advertising markets. These are fragmented markets that are easy for small companies to break into because of the lack of any dominant players.

Growth and Expansion: Growth and expansion can be easily accomplished with continued marketing efforts. So far, $0 in advertising has been spent promoting the products, and I have had inquiries from Siemens AG (siemens.com) about using the product.

About the Sale
Support/Training: Will provide 2 months support and training to buyer.
Reason Selling: I am graduating from college and cannot devote enough time to the business.

Contact Information
Contact: S. Braford
Phone: 314-323-7885

S. Braford

04-26-2002, 02:45 PM
I would like to hear a little more about CertQuizzer. Traffic, sales volume, number of affiliates, intellectual properties, asking price, etc. Thanks...