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04-06-2002, 02:05 PM
During Christmas when we ran our first affiliate program we paid out over $3,000.00 to affiliates in just the two weeks we operated it. When Christmas was over and we shut it down we received emails from many sites asking us when we'd be reopening it, I told you that there would be a great program out soon.

Well the time has come!


The 00FUN affiliate program currently pays 4 cents per tell-a-friend form use. We have hundreds of original funpages available for you to send to your visitors and we use an inline form which increases conversion by up to 250%!

Our pages are not designed to look like advertisements, but instead are designed to get 2-10X the amount of clicks regular ads receive. How? Simple. People link to our ads with phrases like:

Check this out, it's HILARIOUS:


This is TOO FUNNY!

Because of this, the links get excellent results which makes more
money for you!

The affiliate program has been live for a little over a week
and a half and we've paid out over $2000.00 to affiliates!

Also check out our custom link maker which makes creating links
a snap:


Give it a try and make some serious cash!

SIGNUP: http://www.00fun.com/affiliates.shtml

Questions? Email me: andrew@comspec.com


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