View Full Version : Overture.com/Goto.com minimum listing cost?

01-08-2002, 06:20 PM
They have changed the minimum to 5 cents per click.. but i still see sites when i search which pay only 0.01 cent per click?

how come?

01-08-2002, 08:42 PM
The listings that you see with bids beneath $.05 were created before March 1, 2001 when they implemented the increased minimum bid.

Taken directly from the advertiser FAQ:

How does the "grandfather" period work?
Advertisers with listings created before March 1, 2001 will be "grandfathered" on all of the listings created prior to this date. The minimum bid will not affect "grandfathered" listings unless those advertisers change their bids. For example, if you are a "grandfathered" advertiser and you try to raise your current 1 cent bid to 3 cents, the system will reject your bid change. If you would like to increase your bid you will need to start your minimum bid at 5 cents. You can, however, make editorial changes, such as title and description modifications without having to increase your bids to 5 cents or above. In addition, accounts opened prior to March 1, 2001 will be "grandfathered" from having to meet the $20 minimum monthly spend in clickthrough charges.

When will the “grandfather” period end?
Overture will announce the removal of the “grandfather” status at least 30 days in advance.