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10-07-2001, 08:04 AM
Hi all,

I am currently trying to turn my site (Audiomelody.com) into a database driven site (MySQL?) and using PHP for scripting.

-Is MySQL the best DB for hat I want to do?
-Are there any tutorials/tips on creating a DB for a download site or something similar?
-I would liek to add a section on each of my review pages, where users can add their own comments, is there a script I can get somewhere to halp me with this?
-I would also like to have a log-in area, so users can register, and then not see pop-up/under ads. But I don't want to create 2 identical version of my site one with, and one without pop ads. Can I use PHP to dynamically create these pages with and without ads?

I'm sorry to post such a big question of you all, but I don't really know where to start.

Thanks a lot in advance,


Ted S
10-07-2001, 12:35 PM
mysql is considered the best database for avaerage - mid sized companies... anything huge takes oracle.

Php will also work fine although many people like perl as well.

You can find tutorials for how to use a database at www.mysql.com (theres TONS of docs). Sites like hotscripts.com have tutorials for using php with mysql and you can find sample scripts to aid you as well.

Both of the scripts you need may also be found at hotscripts.com, although you may need to customize them A LOT to get where you want.....

10-08-2001, 02:57 PM
You're in luck. SitePoint.com is running a special series this week about how to run a database-driven site. They are featuring articles each day and even are selling a book on this topic. I highly recommend you give them a look.

10-08-2001, 04:59 PM
Originally posted by Ted Sindzinski
mysql is considered the best database for avaerage - mid sized companies... anything huge takes oracle.

Actually, we spoke with Michael Widenius (the father of mySQL) a few weeks ago at the OSDN conference and according to him, mySQL is capable of 6000 queries per second on a single server. E-toys was using mySQL as their database.

Oracle is for people who have a ton of money to spend and don't know where to spend it.

10-10-2001, 01:13 AM
Im using Oracle before in our office and currently im using MySQL to my website and i notice that if you query 10 records for Oracles it takes 1-4 seconds, but if you try to query 50k or more records same speed 1-4 seconds. Well in MySQL, if u have more records it takes time to query. but overall .. i like mysql.. coz its simple and best of all.. Free.. :)

Ted S
10-10-2001, 01:15 AM
Um, a good deal of oracle is free, its the support you really pay for but the real point of oracle is large, large dbs.... Oracle runs at one speed pretty much regardless of how many records you have, so its no good for a small database.

10-10-2001, 04:54 AM
check out article on MySQL 4.0 and 4.1 - even Yahoo.com's finance division uses MySQL!


New with 4.0 is support for the Unicode character set, the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol, embedded database links and multitable updates. Bigger changes are planned for Version 4.1, such as nested queries and stored procedures. Later, the company may add new kinds of disk and table handlers, customized versions for enterprises, load balancing, and clustering.

Users said the new features--not just the low price of $200 per server--make MySQL attractive in the enterprise