View Full Version : Doorway pages - am I mad?

11-02-2000, 03:27 AM
I would appreciate your opinions on the following:

One of my sites sells American Car videos. Each video features a variety of different cars. i.e. Ford 1950-69 contains Mustangs from 1965-69 etc.

At the moment I have 7 main video pages, 1 for each of my titles. My question is, should I go the whole hog and produce a doorway page for each make and model featured?

I know from my Goto listings (and other engines) that I get quite a few hits to specific cars. i.e. searches for:

1965 Mustang
1965 Ford Mustang etc.

What I feel I should do is create a page called 1965Mustang.htm etc. etc. and have that page will a still from the video showing the car along with the obvious choice descriptions. The page would still look like the rest of the site and contain the navigation for the 7 videos.

Obviously it would be a lot of work to cover all the models but at least someone typing in 1963 Corvette is more likely to be pursuaded when they get to a page with a heading such as:

You'll find some great shots of 1963 Corvettes on this video.

I am about to embark on a total redesign anyway so what do you think??

If you want to see the site it is at www.carsandstripes.com (http://www.carsandstripes.com)

Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Jason Barnham