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Old 09-23-2007, 10:04 PM   #1
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Default Marketing Gobledygok

Wow, I wonder if they had stuff like this floating around, about eight thousand years ago, at the beginning of civilisation. Like, how many of the general public could comprehend what they are talking about?


ADASTRO focuses on projects of significant scope that show untapped potential for creating and enhancing value. Too often, businesses find themselves operating in a strictly reactive mode, expending tremendous energy responding to random external factors rather than moving forward with a clear sense of direction. There is, however, a better alternativeóthe proactive use of vision and business strategy to take control and actively shape a more profitable future of your organization in a highly directed fashion. ADASTRO is about defining the true potential of an organization, and then developing and executing processes for taking that organization to where it wants to be five, ten, and fifteen years down the line. While specifics of the process are tailored to the unique circumstances of each client, the unifying principle behind all of our engagements is the application of innovation along with precise strategy and process to achieve substantial returns on investment.

ADASTRO works with thriving organizations to enable them to fulfill their potential and attain the next level growth, and to help them maximize their value at the time of sale, acquisition or IPO. We also work with distressed organizations in turnaround situations. In both cases, our approach involves designing a vision, creating a plan that will implement the vision, and then executing the plan with a laser focus. We assess how to best guide the organization to grow and evolve within the context of political, economic, social, technological, legal, and environmental variables and risks that affect its future. We economically bring to the table high-level expertise in areas such as change management, corporate marketing and brand enhancement, information systems technology, venture design, and community development to enable our clients to transform their organizations into more valuable entities.

Typical opportunities are ones in which our vision and process can add hundreds of thousands of dollars of value to the client organization, and often much more. We help organizations extend and maximize the full potential of their business model, putting them on a long-term path that could, for example, transform revenues of $2 million annually into $20 million, or $20 million into $200 million. ADASTRO supports both public and private companies, typically working directly with the CEO, managing partner, or brand manager. Our client relationships are constructed to deliver substantial returns under the strictest confidence.

Recent ADASTRO projects have included taking the CEO through a process to create a vision that will serve as a guideline for accomplishing goals and facilitating future growth, creating new corporate entities to allow clients to extend their business model; designing corporate mission and value principles to guide the growth of the organization; recruiting and hiring executive staff to run new ventures; acquiring new corporate facilities allowing enhanced productivity; providing extensive executive coaching sessions; and developing corporate identities, branding elements, online communications and other marketing collateral to support various business objectives.

Although, to be fair, they sort of respond with...

These seven scenarios provide illustrative examples of situations which are well suited to ADASTRO's value enhancement approach:

SCENARIO #1: DON'T LEAVE MONEY ON THE TABLE. A company is enjoying great success, and starts receiving inquiries from potential acquirers, or it starts considering a possible IPO. Or perhaps the principles of the company decide they want to move on to other activities and are seeking to find a buyer for their business. While management is appropriately focused on day-to-day activities and operations, ADASTRO steps back and sees how the business is viewed by external parties, and defines a course of value enhancement actions that will quickly transform the venture into something having a significantly greater perceived valuation.

SCENARIO #2: WE WANT TO BE A FORTUNE 100 COMPANY. An individual or organization is enjoying great success, and starts to realize that what they have created may be the launching point to something even vastly greater. Perhaps the CEO begins to contemplate the possibility of someday making the Fortune 100 or Forbes 500, but finds that his or her attention is consumed with the need to keep up with current business activities. ADASTRO comes onto the team to help build and implement the plan that will facilitate the desired long term growth.

SCENARIO #3: WE'VE GOT THE TECHNOLOGY, BUT WE HAVEN'T BUILT A VALUABLE BRAND. A new business is created based on an innovative idea that the founders are sure will be successful. Financial backing for the idea follows, and development proceeds according to plan. But as they are ready to bring their innovation to market, the market does not respond as anticipated, and the founders start realizing that technical know-how and money are not enough to be successful. In order for their venture to succeed, a coherent brand strategy needs to be created, and an organization based on delivering excellence also needs to be there to allow execution of the strategy. Thatís where ADASTRO steps in and helps move the organization forward by applying its unique breadth of skills in technology, entrepreneurship, and marketing that to allow the venture to set a course that will reach a receptive market and allow it to thrive.

SCENARIO #4: WE'RE IN A SWEET SPOT -- WHAT COMES NEXT? A company has hit a real sweet spot in demand for its products and services. Revenues are good, and everyone is going crazy hiring new staff, trying to keep all the customers happy and demand fulfilled. Everyone is thinking about meeting the needs of the next few months, but not enough effort is devoted to figuring out what comes next, and how to accommodate all the growth while maintaining quality. While everything seems wonderful, the reality is that potential disaster is just around the corner. Thatís where ADASTRO is able to put together a plan that will keep things on course while also preparing for what will happen the day when the "sweet spot" no longer looks quite so sweet.

SCENARIO #5: DYSFUNCTIONAL CORPORATE CULTURE. An organization has a business model showing strong prospects for success, but finds itself paralyzed by a corporate culture in which people operate on the basis of rumor and hearsay. The workplace becomes histrionic, drama queens and kings are ever present, and employees engage in frequent "scandalmongering." Staff members speculate on the future of their business, their competitors, as well as their co-workers based on loose conjecture and wild extrapolation of facts. Employees tend to be quick to assign blame, share disruptive information with those who have no business need for that information, and magnify the repercussions of negative events. Something needs to change, and it needs to change fast, or everything will be going down the drain and competitors will be surrounding your clients like vultures. Taking on this kind of corporate transformation isn't easy, and it isn't painless, but we've done it in the past, and ADASTRO is able to show your organization how to do it too.

SCENARIO #6: MIRED IN MEDIOCRITY. As in the previous scenario, an organization again has strong prospects for success, but finds itself paralyzed, this time because of a non-functional management structure. Decisions are being made by committees and random consultants in situations where unqualified opinions are given as much weight as qualified opinions, and where everyone is held responsible for results, but no one has the authority to make decisions that will stick. No real business planning can occur because decisions which had been made become changed mysteriously or based on someoneís whim. The concept of TEAM, which has the potential to mean "Together Everyone Achieves More," has instead become synonymous with "Together Everyone Achieves Mediocrity." While this business is dysfunctional, ADASTRO will lay out a road map that will allow the CEO to transform the business into a thriving and functional organization.

These are just a few examples of scenarios in which ADASTROís process and approach adds significant value to an organization. Many other applications are possible. If you would like to discuss your particular situation in greater detail, please contact us to start a dialog.

Oh, man, lets all morph into an integrated, innovative, synergy of Hippies and Yuppies, and, like, have a dialogue here in the group therapy, you know...

...While Dilbert finishes his plans for the shy, awkward Geeks to take over the world, using our charismatic puppet-leader, Dogbert, who just thinks he is on top...

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Old 09-26-2007, 09:23 AM   #2
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I laughed

I'm just wondering, what kind of people they are trying to target with this text, and rather, what kind of people are really responding to these kind of texts ?
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Old 10-24-2007, 08:27 AM   #3
Del Sol
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I went to the website, it seems they got a lot of empty content there ( a lot of words that don't say much). The whole premise came across as a bit "over the top" especially the parts where they talk about being ex rocket scientists that will bestow their wisdom upon us. I think their site and their goals need a little retooling itself.

If I had a large corp. with money to burn these guys are probably a good place to burn it with. I think that is who they are targeting.
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