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Old 08-03-2002, 02:17 PM   #1
I am a Contributing Geek. Are You?
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Join Date: Aug 1998
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Arrow Are YOU morally and ethically responsible?

Yes. And so are the majority of the members of this Community. Since 1998 we have tried to create a "controlled environment" suitable for mainstream web sites and Merchants. A quality and civil Community where an action doesn't have to be "illegal" before it's innapropriate for this Community.

We currently face a very serious crisis. The widespread use of TheftWare, Blockers, and or Hijacking. Our Rules and Posting Guide contain a detailed description of these procedures and rules. Please carefully read these documents.

An exstract:

"Given the complexity of this issue and determining exactly who is involved, our procedures for any Member who is directly or indirectly engaged in TheftWare, Blockers, and or Hijacking will be one and or all of the following:

1) You will be immediately banned and all your posts removed from geek/talk. Please note, we do not issue warnings. This action is not negotiable and we will not respond to your emails and or form submissions on our actions.

2) We may ask you to explain your procedures in a post which other members may read and fully disclose the details of your technology and procedures.

3) We may conduct our own investigation on your procedures and techniques and arrive at our own conclusions."

I'm not on a "witch hunt" but I am very committed to the issue. My first step is to try "gentle persuasion". I refuse to turn a "blind eye" and consider all of these actions morally and ethically reprehensible. How you wish to run your site and or your affiliate program is your business and not mine. How I wish to run this privately held and controlled Community is my business. I'm not inclined to beat my chest and scream. Rather, I take action with my mouse in a firm but respectfull manner.

I'm also reasonable since determining who is doing what on a daily basis can be a very complex issue. Especially when their are 2 or more networks involved and code gets slipped into the stream without the other companys knowledge.

Yes, a number of networks have already been banned for life and a few publishers have joined the banned group.

Their is a distinction between a network which won't let a publisher opt-out of the TheftWare stuff and another network which will let you do this. I'm working with a few other networks and trying to use gentle persuasion and hoping they understand this critical issue which affects each and every one of us. If they can't be convinced, then I'm sorry but it's time to move on and find another Community to hang out on.

Again, every single hour of the day, this Community delivers millons and millons of views. This includes the numerous fine Merchants who participate along with the great folks who pay to advertise and insure our survival . In our own way, we have influence and power but you need to let the offenders and other Publishers know about this issue in a respectfull and business like fashion. Please remove the offending code and or technology from your site and or network today.

Please don't hesitate to contact me via our BB Feedback Form and only this form if you have additional questions and or comments about your membership.



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