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Old 08-01-2001, 06:15 AM   #1
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Default ClickXchange Policy revisions

When I logged into my account today I got this page with a button saying I agree....
1) Refund Policy: clickXchange may refund payments made to Affiliates by Advertisers for illegitimate traffic less service fees payable to clickXchange associated with such traffic, subject to the following: (a) the Advertiser’s payments in question were made within 30 days of the Advertiser’s request to clickXchange for a refund; (b) a request for a refund for illegitimate traffic from an Affiliate or Affiliates must be sent to clickXchange together with sufficient detailed information as to the traffic, source of traffic and payments made that are the subject of the refund request; and (c) clickXchange must determine, in its sole discretion, that the traffic in question was not legitimate and directly relates to the requested refund. In no event, shall a refund to an Advertiser exceed $10,000 in any calendar quarter. clickXchange shall attempt to reach a determination with regard to each refund request within 60 days after the refund request and required information is submitted to clickXchange. The terms of this paragraph are not intended to waive or limit the terms of this User Agreement entitled “Limitation of Liability” and “No Warranties.”
2) Minimum Service Fee: Effective on August 1, 2001, Advertisers shall be charged a minimum monthly service fee of $19.95 paid to clickXchange for each calendar month, commencing with the month of August, 2001, in which the total amount of service fees owed by Advertisers to clickXchange from clicks, leads and sales under this User Agreement for the month in question does not at least equal $19.95. Such $19.95 minimum monthly service fee, if applicable, will be deducted at the end of each calendar month from the Advertiser’s account, and the first deduction, if applicable, will occur on September 1, 2001 with respect to the month of August 2001.
3) Affiliate Payment From Zero Balance Advertisers: Affiliates will now continue to earn payouts based on the applicable Payout Rate up to 3 days (72 hours) after an Advertiser’s account drops to a zero balance (collectively, the “Three Day Earnings”). Such Three Day Earnings will be payable to the Affiliate only when the Advertiser makes a deposit to their account sufficient to cover such payout, the amounts owed to clickXchange and any other Three Day Earnings of other Affiliates. After 3 days (72 hours), clickXchange will no longer redirect traffic to the Advertiser’s website. After 30 days, clickXchange will replace zero balance banners with "Ad Expired" banners. Affiliates will then be instructed to remove the Advertiser’s banner code from the Affiliate’s website.
4) Adult Content Sites: Affiliates and Advertisers with adult content sites must disclose to clickXchange such adult status upon addition of an advertising program or Affiliate site to the clickXchange network. This will allow adult related businesses to share traffic with other adult related businesses in a discrete manner.
5) Incentive Based Affiliates: Affiliate sites that provide incentive based traffic must disclose their incentive based status to clickXchange upon sign-up or addition of the Affiliate site to the clickXchange network. Incentive based traffic means traffic generated by contests or pay to surf programs that give points or prizes for clicking on advertisements.
6) Change In Keyword Delimiters: Our keyword delimiters have been changed from spaces to commas. This should make it easier to define strings for custom search criteria. You can edit your current keywords from "Edit/Add Programs" located in the member area.
7) Pricing Options As Of Sept 1st 2001: a) No setup or access fee 30% of affiliate earnings b) 20% of affiliate earnings with an annual fee of $3000.
8) Identification of Affiliates: In a continuing effort to improve the quality of service provided by clickXchange to Advertisers, clickXchange shall attempt to identify all Affiliates in accordance with the following: Green Flag: Affiliates that: (a) have no valid complaints from Advertisers reported to clickXchange in the last 6 months; (b) have no personal pages; (c) have no free web hosting services; and (c) own their own domain names and host their own website. Red Flag: Affiliates that: (a) have 2 or more valid complaints reported to clickXchange in the last 6 months; and/or (b) have websites that cannot be readily identified by clickXchange and/or websites that do not include an English language translation. Yellow Flag: Affiliates other than Red Flag or Green Flag type Affiliates. Notwithstanding the above identification, however, clickXchange is not responsible for invalid or fraudulent traffic, or for any inaccuracies or damages incurred by an Affiliate or Advertiser arising out of the above identifications, and the terms of this paragraph are not intended to waive or limit the sections of this User Agreement entitled “No Warranties” and “Limitation of Liability.”
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Old 08-01-2001, 09:42 AM   #2
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Personally I like it. The omly thing that may cause concern amongst affiliates is the bit about refunds(reversals). I still see this as positive, this is somebody that takes the "trusted third party" line seriously. While others coughcj allow merchants to reverse at will it appears that clickXchange accept thier responsibility and actually research to see if the reversal is valid.

way to go clickXchange!

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