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Default Screenshots procedures + suggestions


-- Before you start --

1. Right click on the Windows desktop and select 'Properties'
2. Select the Settings tab
3. Make a note of the settings on this screen. If things go wrong, you know what to restore your settings to later.
4. Under Color Palette change to 256 color
5. Recommend switching Desktop Area to 800X600 if you have a larger monitor.
5. Click OK
6. On depending on your Windows systems + video drivers
, you may need to reboot, say yes if asked
- you may be asked you to Apply the settings without rebooting - say yes in this case.
- the changes may just happen

(Verified on Windows 95, can anybody verify on other Windows versions)

-- Capturing the screen --

1. Browse to the web site you wish to capture the predatory-advertising software on

2. To capture the current window (the active one, with the Active title bar. If you use the default Windows color scheme, this is a dark blue title bar with white text) - Hold down ALT and press PrintScreen


To capture the whole screen simply press PrintScreen

3. Now open a Paint program with ability to save in the .GIF format.

In most programs there is an option called "New from Clipboard", select this.

If you have Windows 98 or Me, most likely the Windows Paint Accessory can work if you don't have another painting program. In this program, select Attributes on the Image menu, set the image to 1 by 1 pixel, then do Paste (which is on the Edit menu). You will be prompted if you want to expand the image, say Yes.

4. Save the image to your hard-disk in GIF format

5. Upload the image to your web site.

Check the URL of the image by typing it into your browser's address bar. And then highlight all the text in the browser address bar, and press Ctrl+C to copy this text to the clipboard

6. Post the image to this forum

If you know how to use vBulletin's IMG tag you can use that. If you don't simply post the URL you copied to the clipboard in step 5.

7. You do NOT need to worry about bandwidth for hosting the image. Steve will move a copy of the image to his server soon after you post.

-- If you have problems --

1. On a few Windows systems changing the Desktop Area or Color Palette (steps 4 and 5 of Before You Start) can cause problems starting the computer. If you experience the problem, the easiest solution is to boot in "Safe Mode"

- Reboot your computer.

- When you see the "Starting* Windows 95/98" message, press the F8 key.

- Choose Safe Mode from the Startup menu and press Enter.

When your computer starts up, you should hopefully be able to reset your settings


Surf+ captures links with a green underline on apparently all web sites that do not use frames. Each time you visit a site, these links will probably be different, and lead to different destinations. You can see this by doing back and forward in your browser. Evetually these links will probably link innocuous words to casinos, pornographic or offensive sites, so be warned. It may take a few tries for such a link to come up

eZula TopText tends to capture particular words, especially words related to credit, loans or mortgages. These are shown as Yellow underlined words. As far as I know, it does not appear to capture links on .org sites. It does (at least it did until recently) capture words on .gov sites, and non-profits using .com domains.

I suggest we try to capture screenshots of

- As many as possible of the top web sites. A list can be found here: http://www.mediametrix.com/

- Charity, NGO, and non-profit web sites

- Government and education sites. There is a list of some on my personal anti-ezula page

- Law firms. There are links into the relevant categories on my personal anti-ezula page

- Major Commission Junction merchants (those with $$$$ and $$$$$ ratings), example: NextCard, eBay, etc. Some of these are covered by the top web sites

- Advertiisng networks annd affiliate networks home pages

- Record company web sites

When posting screen shots please include
1. The screenshot itself
2. The date/time it was taken if it does not match your post
3. Whether it was taken with Surf+, Ezula, etc.
4. Where the links went. Do not post offensive/pornographic links. In this case, simply post that the link did lead to offensive links
5. Did you inform the web site concerned that they are being afflicted with these links ?

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