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Old 07-28-2005, 02:53 PM   #1

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Default Pop-ups top pet peeves list (Recent Survey)

I was very glad to see this article and read what was found in the survey. None of it was a surprise to me. It would be nice if webmasters would pay attention to what this survey found.

Many of you know that I absolutely hate pop-ups and wish they had never been invented. I would love for them to join the dinosaur and become extinct.

It is a shame that some advertisers aren't willing enough to be creative in their advertising approach and delivery and feel they need to ambush people with pop-ups in order to be successful.

AdSense is a perfect example that it is possible to make very good money without assaulting people with pop-ups, pop-unders and other forms of intrusive advertising.

Advertisers should apply the effort and come up with advertising that people would actually enjoy, and that is possible.

The advertisers who use ambush and assault methods due to their greed and not willing to devote effort towards creating advertising which won't annoy and still be effective are making a bad name for internet advertising.

Webmaster end up displaying this annoying advertising. Many are trying to make money. But at the same time they are also making some of their visitors very angry and driving them away.

Just because people don't want to be annoyed, ambushed and assaulted when they visit a site doesn't mean they won't support a site and advertising on that site when done in a manner that doesn't get on their nerves.

A lot of visitors are quietly reacting to these forms of advertising assaults. The bad thing is that many advertisers and webmasters are pretending what these visitors are doing isn't really happening. But that is either wishful thinking on their part or an excuse to continue to annoy, assault and ambush people with particular forms of intrusive advertising.

It looks like I'm back to my old self again.

I hope everyone will read the entire article in the link I've provided. I also hope that people will pay close attention to what was determined by the survey rather than trying to deny it or try to convince themselves and others that it isn't true.

Millions upon millions of people are tired of being assaulted when they visit websites and they aren't going to take it anymore.

Here are the details http://www.ecommercetimes.com/story/...eve-List.xhtml

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Old 07-29-2005, 08:46 PM   #2
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I doubt you'd find any site owner that wants or likes to use pop ups or unders for advertising.

The problem is they pay the most, and it's not a issue for even small sites to be accepted and run for additional revenue. It can be a significant boost to the average CPM. Plus contextual ads aren't a slam dunk for all types of sites either due to poor relevancy or low paying ads.

Some sites with higher operating costs need added revenue streams and pop unders are just that. Personally, if a users hits one of my sites with streaming video and downloads 10-100mb of videos but decides they don't want to come back because of a single pop under once every couple of days? Tough.

Only other option would be either to invest tons of money to grow and hope for being able to demand the higher cpm or plaster the site with cpm and cpa ads like crazy.

I wish we had the $1+ cpm banner ads from the dot com days and nice good clean ads where we could be totally selective and conspicuously place them across our sites, but not every site has that luxury.
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Old 07-29-2005, 09:50 PM   #3
I am a Contributing Geek. Are You?
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I pretty much agree with fusionhosting here. I don't like popups either, and know they are annoying to 99% of surfers ... although in my opinion, pop-in ads (the DHTML or Flash ones that hover on top of the content of the page) or between-page ads are much more annoying. So I use other options on my sites instead of pops/unders/ins/betweens like context ads and traditional banners and CPA links.

However ... not all sites have other options, especially if they have large bandwidth loads. No webmaster wants to p*ss off their visitors, but if running pops is the only way for a site to survive and stay profitable, they should run pops ... after fully investigating non-annoying ad options first, of course
Darren Hewer
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Old 07-30-2005, 06:16 PM   #4
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Default agreed, but

I have seen multiple web-sites showing a pop-up / under on every page load. It comes down to the ad servers allowing people to over saturate their visitors with pop-ups, and the concious decision the web-site owner has if he is given this control. Given adjustable frequency caps to less than one per browser session should be discouraged, and sites loading multiple ad networks on a rotation frequency capped by their own terms.
It's very annoying to see this I agree, and naturally there will be some people who will take an extreme approach to generalizing the site based on the one pop-up (in your example) and actually not visiting the site if they get just that one.
These people should be few if it is in terms with your example - I personally believe one pop-under per browser session would be in my range of acceptable pop-under use.. I understand what it is, and why it is there.

It will take a collective effort to encourage web-site owners to CONTROL the amount of pop-unders they display and watch for the long term performance increase. I've seen the performance difference on sites that have been saturated with ads. Horrible click rates and rarely any actions. But I've seen these same ads on another web-site, used in a controlled way, on a more "trusting" site - and the performance is phenomenal. The problem is with all those free everything CPAers or the flat rate ad networks the common webmaster CAN make more money by chucking more at the people. So, again - naturally there will be some webmasters who use this quick cash method. We rarely advertise these free product campaigns except in certain categories which we see high responses in and with only certain companies.

I've been on the net for years and have been through each wave of the ad industry. Pop-ups were never a bad thing, just mishandled. Sort of like the allure of the dark side of the force, in pop-up form. So much control, so much PROFIT. It's an exciting thing for any webmaster to see.

Also - people disabling cookies will affect any ad server using this as a method of tracking for frequency caps. Again, abuse caused this to happen. It is a legitimate way of advertising if these rules are encouraged. I personally do not allow any sites to adjust their frequency under the one per browser session, and I suggest a 1 per 1-2 day cap if the web-site owner is worried about visitor response.

Things like mass e-mail for those free everything CPA campaigns will discourage overall performance on the web and, probably irritate the user as he/she can't seem to escape these damn things and associates it with a negative image and passes that association to the method of advertising. The easiest one of all to hate, pops, as these are popular to run because of the high performances they have.
There are e-mail lists being sold and passed along all the time, and they send out all those new offers as soon if not sooner than I see them show up in a common CPA network. I get a lot of those e-mails, and I certainly didn't sign up for the majority of them. It is a dirty game and it only decreases the value of each visit to practice such methods of spam / one e-mail a month CPAs and just those full page CPA e-mails in general. I'm sure it performs when run on the masses, but as I said, the value decreases the more of these things get sent out.
And of course, I must mention adware has been a major contributor to the pop-up hating. I know of networks and ads trading these activex around, I ask what IS the program for and I usually get either the hilarious "I didn't try it because I don't trust these things", or the run around "Oh I should check that out shouldn't I?" *finds another advertiser to cycle it off to with no concious thought*. I have suffered through as I'm sure others have massive amounts of pop-ups being served on ridiculous frequency caps, or their settings in general (typing of a keyphrase, launches POP.. EVERY TIME) Things of that nature..

I am simply sharing some of my personal knowledge about the industry to give you an idea of how this format can be used in a proper manner.
You want no pops, you'll get floating ads, these are becoming popular and increasing with quality and have thankfully been brought a positive light (Including interstitials) -as larger sites are using them in a controlled manner - they have become and are becoming more acceptable. Now that most networks are offering these larger ad sizes they must be wary of the amount of these larger ads served per user once more small - medium sized sites begin to use them.

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Old 07-31-2005, 09:22 AM   #5
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My number one annoying Advertising type.....

TV Commercials
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Old 07-31-2005, 11:43 AM   #6
I am a Contributing Geek. Are You?
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Originally posted by techguy
My number one annoying Advertising type.....

TV Commercials
Some of them are alright Like the Malibu rum commercial ... "Total gridlock!"


Or the newer one ... "I just want a mellon..."


Erm, sorry, a bit off topic there
Darren Hewer
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