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Old 08-03-2001, 01:14 PM   #1
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Join Date: Mar 2001
Location: Suwanee, GA, USA
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Default ValueClick now does pop-ups and low-wage filler ads

<Admin review. Wrong Forum. Moving to Making Money. Please join us.>

I just got this e-mail from ValueClick:

Dear *******,

A few weeks ago we wrote to tell you about another revenue generating
opportunity available to you with the release of our CPM product. This
week we have two items that we want to bring to your attention. Be sure to
read over both of these opportunities as they are important to your
ValueClick membership.

In our last email we mentioned Pop-up campaigns and we have just released
the Pop-up code to you in your log in pages. Just log in and go to GET
HTML to get the new Pop-up code. Pop-ups are going to be priced on a CPM
basis most of the time, but there may be a few CPC campaigns in the mix as

We have several campaigns starting soon that will offer between $1.00 to
$2.00 CPM to you! We think that this is a significant revenue opportunity
and we urge you to put our Pop-up code on your high traffic pages as soon
as you can.

ValueClick is now offering a Remnant pricing model.

Beginning 08/03/01 we will be offering a remnant pricing model to our
advertisers and paying you a different rate for your remnant inventory. In
the past if we couldn't use your inventory, we would either serve you a
house ad or send your user to your default banner selection. Now we will
serve those users an ad but you will be paid a rate that will typically be
less than your normal pay rate. This new development promises great
benefits to you:

*No More Unpaid Ad Space: Unpaid ads are a thing of the past. You can now
generate incremental income from formerly unused ad space. This feature
overrides your default banner information so if you want your default
banner to be used exclusively, please follow the instructions below to opt
out of the Remnant inventory program.

*Flat Rate Payment: You will be paid a flat rate for Remnant inventory.
You will know exactly what you are getting paid per click at any time of
the month. This rate is variable and it is currently set at .05 per click
and .15 for CPM campaigns.

*Auto-Enrollment: Since we believe that all of our publisher partners will
be interested in the opportunity of making more money, we've gone ahead
and auto-enrolled you in the Remnant inventory program. If you're
interested in being eligible for these campaigns, you don't need to do
anything - you're already enrolled. Instead, if for some reason you don't
want to have Remnant campaigns on your site, you can opt out by sending an
email to help@valueclick.com with 'Remnant opt out hs0085045' in the
subject line.

We're always interested in your feedback -- if you have any questions or
comments, please don't hesitate to contact us at help@valueclick.com.


Steven T.A. Carter
Vice President of Network Operations
ValueClick, Inc.

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Old 08-03-2001, 05:48 PM   #2

Join Date: Aug 1999
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
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These changes look very promising.

Does anyone here have any experience running the company's popups - whether CPA or CPM? If so, how do they look? Do they appear only once/user/day? How is the reporting?

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Old 08-03-2001, 07:46 PM   #3
Steve Carter
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Location: Westlake Village, CA, USA
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I'll take that one, at least from a "how do they do it" point of view.

"If so, how do they look?"

How they will look will depend on the advertiser. We are just ramping this up on the advertiser side so we don't have a ton of variety right now but we are ramping it aggressively because popups are pretty popular right now.

"Do they appear only once/user/day?"

The frequency cap is based on what the advertiser wants to do. Typically in an CPM campaign that is set to 3 per day per user with a lifetime cap for the campaign as well. (per user). So what you see will vary depending on what the advertiser has specified. All campaigns will still be available in our exclusion tool if you don't want the campaign to run on your site.

"How is the reporting?"

The reporting is *not* explicitly separated for popups from other banner types. CPM popups will be rolled into your CPM statistics. CPC popups will be rolled into your CPC statistics. If you want to track popups separately you can request another host site under your main host record and then use that host site number/html only for popups. Then you will get a unique statistical tracking for that host site.

Another feature that is set on the advertiser side is whether it is a popup or a popunder. So for the same bit of code you may get a popup one time and a popunder another. That was the easiest way we found to do it. If you violently oppose either format, you just have to exclude that advertiser from your sites.

Hope that helps.


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