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Old 06-16-1999, 05:29 PM   #1
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Default How to recruit affiliates - please help

Hi I posted about this before and still need help - so I'll try again

I've written shareware software to send faxes free via the internet. Registration is $10. The person must register after 30 days to keep using the software.

It's just gone 30 days since I finished the software) and I'm now making some regular sales (actually some people registered early) - although nothing yet to compare with what I'm making on Amazon, Beyond, etc.

Now I also have an affiliate program that earns affiliates 40% on their sales. The third party service I use (ClickBank) tracks the click thru for 90 days [I don't know how they do it - I suspect it may not cookies because the referral links are so weird - however I know it works as I get referral credit for other products in ClickBank that sell off my site - including things with "evaluation" periods or other long delays].

Incidentally I also contacted a few other ClickBank merchants before I started using ClickBank and they all told me that ClickBank is a very reliable payer.

Anyway the point is I'm now listed in ClickBank's merchant directory, I'm listed on a few sites about affiliate programs (some of Ryan's competitors) - but I only have a handful of affiliates despite trying hard to recruit them. [therefore my sales are being driven by the fact my software is in DaveCentral, WinFiles, etc. - which are not using paid links to my site - they're just shareware directories]

So what have I been doing - I've been hunting for sites about small business, telephones, faxes, etc. - with reasonable amounts of traffic - and reasonably professionally looking. Then I've e-mailed their webmaster/owner (providing they are interested in feedback or advertising opportunities) with a personal e-mail asking if they'd consider placing my paid link on their site - as well including personalized comments on their site - and suggestions for where/how they might place the paid link - (every message is highly personalized message to make sure they don't think I'm spamming them - and because I want to get affiliates to place links in good traffic positions - as well as to answer any questions they might have about my site/affiliate-program].

Anyway I've had a good response to my e-mails in terms of interest - but this is incredibly time consuming so we're only talking a few e-mails a day at most.

The frustrating part is I know there is a potential business there - as with even relatively small amounts of traffic to my site - I'm making regular sales even before most people have finished their evaluation period. I just need a lot more affiliates.

So does anybody have any suggestions about how to recruit affiliates. I think the rewards I'm offering are reasonable. (?)

I have also considered joining programs like CJ etc. (although I'm less than keen about paying) - however part of the problem is I don't have a US merchant account (using ClickBank allows me to use theirs - we are a UK based company - although our affiliate checks are in US dollars drawn on a US bank) - and would also have to lower the commission rate as CJ takes a bigger % than ClickBank. Additionally even if I were to join something like CJ I'm less than confident that I'd suddenly get loads of affiliates - there are 300 or so merchants and a lot more affiliates (unknown total number) in ClickBank and only a handful link to my site.

Please please please give me your suggestions, ideas, thoughts, comments.

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Old 06-16-1999, 10:22 PM   #2
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My suggestion would be to list your program on ClickTrade, probably one of the largest affiliate bases out there. List it on a pay per click bases a 1 cents describing your program. All the CT affiliates will read your description and may then sign-up through your ClickBank program. It's that simple, your program gets lots of exposure to affiliates, you pay very little for it, and if interest they sign up with your ClickBank program.

Hope this helps!

Isn't it time you started making some real money with your web site!

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