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Smile If it wasn't so stupid, it would be funny.

NEWSFLASH!!! INCREDIBLE DISCOVERY Based on 2000 year old recipe .....


HUNZA DIET BREAD is said to beat all fad diets hands down. It's the fastest, healthiest, easiest & no discomfort way to lose weight ...RAPIDLY !!

IF YOU'VE EVER BEEN FIGHTING A CONSTANT BATTLE AGAINST INCREASING WEIGHT ... ...This is the most exciting news you will EVER hear !!

By Barry Jamison, Special feature writer
Here is a message to all you genius research scientists trying to find a painless way for people to lose weight. It's been done! Not by a scientist, but..... by a housewife.

Folks it may sound INCREDIBLE ... but this story is 100% TRUE & GENUINE !!
Being hailed here as the NATURAL weight loss method of the century, HUNZA DIET BREAD is rolling out like a juggernaught!


Like most great inventions & breakthroughs in medicine & discoveries of the past,The bread was discovered by accident. Lotte Svenson, wife of a health researcher, was trying to duplicate a 2,000-year-old, high roughage bread used by the little known civilization of Hunza. The Hunzas were being studied by her husband.

The Hunzas are considered to be the healthiest people on earth.Their bread is the main part of their diet. Lotte was trying to make this bread good tasting so that her children would eat it and benefit healthwise.

She succeeded in coming up with a recipe that was absolutely delicious. Everybody loved it. But, then a startling discovery was made. Just one or two very small pieces of bread would ruin a person's appetite for 5 or 6 hours!

At first, she became upset at this drawback. But then while talking it over with her husband, Lars, it hit them.... This was not a drawback at all, but a huge benefit!! It was the ultimate weapon in the fight against obesity that researchers have been trying to discover for decades.

Lotte had apparently come up with the first natural and healthy appetite inhibitor... Or was she the first? Could this be a designed bread invented thousands of years ago?

Mr. Svenson is a researcher for a private Health Institute. He had been studying the Hunzas for years. Now he had some questions that needed answers.

The Hunzas have little food in the winter. Was the bread an ancient discovery of a hunger suppressant which also provided healthful nourishment to the body during winter months?

The Svensons attribute the powerful appetite inhibiting properties of the bread as such ...

.." Theory 1 is that Lotte, while experimenting with the bread recipe accidentally combined natural food substances which react together to form a natural appetite or hunger inhibitor.

There are also facts being uncovered that support Theory 2 that this bread was designed in ancient times for the express purpose of tiding people over, when food supplies were scarce.

Let's start with the Hunzas who are the healthiest people on earth. I consider their bread to be one of the main reasons for this."

"The Hunzas exist isolated from the rest of the world in the Himalayan Mountains where they live to be 110 to 120 years old. They have no cancer, heart attacks, or other major disorders to speak of. They are active and fit to the very end.

Men father children at 100 years and older. Overweight people are unheard of because they have the perfect weight control system."

Visitors to Hunza all came back with the same description of the Hunza people:

"Hunza men are straight, tall, broad-shouldered,deep-chested, slim-waisted, heavy-legged, and have full heads of hair. Hunza women are straight, tall, slim-waisted, developed bosoms, perfect complexions, and luxuriant hair.
Both men and women have perfect teeth and eyesight even at 100 years and older! They are neat, clean, intelligent and friendly. And you can't find an overweight person.

Hunza women at 80 look no older than North American/European women of mid 60's. Fatigue is virtually unknown. Hunza men over 90 years old repeatedly walk the mountain trail of 65 miles from the town of Gilgit with a full pack and immediately start to work in the fields again!"

I noticed that the Svenson's were exceptionally trim, fit and healthy. Our interview took place in the kitchen with the HUNZA DIET BREAD being prepared for me to taste.

"O.K., now we can continue. So, you feel that the Hunza bread may be "by design" both a hunger suppressant and a super health food?"

Answer: "Yes, but if it is, there's a question, who designed it? Now the Hunzas were originally soldiers of Alexander the Great. This bread may have been designed for the use of his far traveling armies. It would make sense. It's the most compact form of hunger satisfaction and nutrition I know of.

But, further investigation brought about some really wild possibilities. According to traces of Macedonian Heritage this bread could have originated in Egypt over 5,000 years ago. As you know, the Egyptians were capable of doing many things that modern science still cannot duplicate.


Question: "That bread smells delicious. And since we're going to discuss the bread, let's ask the discoverer, Lotte how did it all start?"

Answer: "Well, as I mentioned. Lars had been investigating the Hunzas for many years and was convinced that their bread was one of the major reasons for their good health. So he asked me to see if I could duplicate it and use it at home.

I thought it would be easy at first but it turned into a nightmare.The recipes that visitors to Hunza came back with were either too general or did not turn into bread at all. So, I decided to make a list of all the key food elements in Hunza and began experimenting, trying to come up with a bread that would taste good so that our kids would like it too."

Question: "How long did it take before you were successful?"

Answer: "Oh, after about six months of trial and error I finally hit on a perfect batch one summer morning. Everyone in the family shared some of the bread and raved about how good it was.

With no exaggeration, it was the best bread we had ever tasted. After eating the bread, nobody had an appetite that day and the kids weren't hungry for lunch which was very unusual but we didn't think much about it at the time.

Then we started to notice that whenever we ate the bread during the day we weren't hungry for our evening meal. It got so that I wouldn't allow anyone to eat the bread unless it was with our evening meal.

But, then I found that when I served it at dinner, everybody ate a much smaller amount of their meal.

It got to the point that if we were going out to eat or if I was cooking a special dinner, the bread was not allowed for that day. I was even beginning to get upset that my delicious bread had turned into a problem because it devoured everyone's appetite and hunger."

Question: "How long did it take you to realize that what you really had was the all-time weapon against obesity?"

Answer: "You know it was quite a long time. Three or four months. And surprisingly, my husband was involved in obesity research at the time. Also, both of us had trouble with being overweight.

There it was right in front of our noses; but, we were too close to it, to see it ourselves. Then one day we were talking to a friend I grew up with who was telling us that she was taking prescription diet pills to help reduce her appetite.

It hit both of us at once. We jumped up and said. "Boy, have we got the thing for you!" That was it.

We both were ready to kick ourselves for not seeing it before.

Both my husband and I started using the bread as a weight loss device and began losing weight like crazy, much faster than any weight loss method we ever tried, and, we have tried them all believe me. We then decided to call it HUNZA DIET BREAD."

Now, I like hearing about a diet that's been around for at least 2,000 years. That rings of stability. (At this point Lotte placed the hot bread on a bread board. It looked very appetizing to say the least.) Tell me about the advantages of HUNZA DIET BREAD. I will get a piece, won't I?"

Answer: "Of course, just as soon as it cools a little. There are primary and secondary benefits. The biggest benefit I can think of is that the dieter just doesn't suffer AT ALL! It's such a natural and powerful appetite inhibitor.

This bread satisfies both appetite and hunger. And it does it with only 84 calories (100 calories spread with butter) as effectively as most 1800 calorie full meals.

We define appetite and hunger like this: appetite is mainly the desire you get for food even when you know you're really not hungry. It's that craving in your mouth you get that's known as the cold mouth feeling.

It can also be present even though you've just eaten. Your stomach may be full but you still crave something else. This is the feeling you get with a protein diet. You can stuff yourself with protein until you're ready to bust but the cold mouth craving is still there.

Hunger on the other hand is best described as those pangs of hunger you get or that empty feeling in your stomach that lets you know you really need to eat something rather than simply wanting to eat for the enjoyment of it.

After a piece or two of HUNZA DIET BREAD you eliminate both appetite and hunger. You feel satisfied and full. And, it lasts depending on the person up to 7 hours. For both of us it lasts 6 to 7 hours."
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