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Old 12-27-2001, 05:34 AM   #1
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Join Date: May 2000
Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA
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Default Free WebHost For Sale

Hey guys, I'm going to use the GetHighForum's layout for this post, since I find it the best way to describe a site.
This site is for sale via Ebay btw, assuming we can't work something out privately, feel free to bid at:

Hope there aren't any discrepancies, this post is a day more modern than eBays. If you have any questions or offers please send me a note at ssihosting@yahoo.com


1. Your name?
Sterling Beck

2. URL(s) of site?

3. Age of site?
Domain is nearly a year old, while we've been playing with hosting services on it for a while, site hasn't picked up traffic

until November or so.

4. Approximate monthly page views and/or unique visitor? How many users?

Site currently uses a Raq 4i, a nicer server wouldn't hurt though.
There are:
Total # Accounts: 765 Space Used: 195480.557 k
# never activated: 356 # active today: 72
Not logged into 14 days: 0 # active this week: 267
# accounts onHold: 1 # awaiting approval: 0

The site is growing at a rate of 50+ new webmasters a day, primarily from word of mouth referals.

Site has around 10k page views a day (including member page views)

5. How does site generate income? How much?

Site is yet to generate income, as I have focused on brand awareness, as well as attracting webmasters with popular and high

quality content to the network. As most experienced webhosts will tell you, every client is worth money, as webmasters are a

particularily valuable commodity. Popogo has been run with the goal of being converted to a webhost (paid accounts) system.

I would reccomend the purchaser offer monthly accounts for $3 or so, with more features. A recent poll conducted via email

showed 7% of Popogo's webmasters would be willing to signup for such accounts. Assuming a mere 5% signed up, this would

still result in quite a large and steady monthly income. This site is ideal for an established webhost looking for a quick

customer base. Of course, our scope is not limited to webhosts, anyone with interest in acquiring a large webmaster

community would be interested in our service. Placing popup ads, or what not would result in a steady and growing revenue

source for the future purchaser. We receive a large amount of traffic that grows daily, largely from word of mouth.

Some sample sites hosted by us include:


6. Who develops content and administers the site and how much time does it require?

The content for the host is completely generated by your free clients. Administration requires abuse regulating, which

consumes 10 to 20 minutes a day, as well as technical support for our clients, which takes on the average, only a few hours

per week. This will of course grow along with the host, but along with the sale we will include the scripts we've custom

written as well as detailed instructions on how to do administer as quickly and efficiently as possible, while keeping a

happy customer base.

7. What industry/audience does your site serve?

Webmasters specifically, though many different audiences view their content.

8. Is knowledge required of the industry served by your site?

Yes, but along with assistance in transitioning the site, we will train you, or an employee to administer the site.

9. Reason for selling?

Too many sites, too much traffic, and of course, need money to funnel into other hungry projects I'm starting.
Popogo is blossoming, with 50+ signups a day (70 today)

10. Will you help with the transition of the site to the new owner?

Yes, we will provide extensive assistance in it's transition, and will do all we can to keep the clientel pleased with their

new owner.

11. Does the site have an e-zine or newsletter? Number of subscribers?

Newsletter, nearly 800 members at time of this posting.

12. Asking price for the site?
Site includes:
-Domain name popogo.com
-HomeFree Script
-Complete Layout and backup on a CD rom
-Custom scripts for maintenance, as well as adding new features like cgi, ftp, subdomains etc.
-Training for one individual
-All logos, clients, databases, and content related to popogo, as well as support ticket caches.

Asking Price: $2000 or Best Offer
Please email me at ssihosting@yahoo.com with any questions.
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Old 12-28-2001, 05:43 AM   #2
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Location: Tokyo, Japan
Posts: 670

Hi. Let me say up front that I won't be buying your site/service. Having got that out of the way, I still would be interested in knowing the answers to a couple of questions:-

A) How can you provide 100GB of transfer per site, for free?

B) How can you provide 150MB of storage per site, for free?

Of course, if it is a trade secret I'll understand - but I was doing the math in my head and even if your average user only used 5% of the above resources, the hosting requirements would quickly grow ENORMOUS (and very costly - hence my interest). Basically I'm saying "where's it all hosted and for how much?" I guess
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Old 12-28-2001, 05:51 AM   #3
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Join Date: Jan 1999
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Posts: 670

Ok, 2 more questions please!

#1: On the front page of "Popogo.com" it says "No banners or pop-ups" but on your Ebay page you suggest that the easiest way to make money from the site is to introduce pop-up ads. I find it hard to reconcile these two statements.

#2: How do you deal with users that have sites that include copyright infringements, like the Harry Potter site you gave as an example?

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Old 01-02-2002, 11:39 AM   #4
I am a Contributing Geek. Are You?
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Default Free Webhost

I run a freehost myself with over 13k members. I can definately see why you are not making much money. I have been in the freehosting biz for about 3 years now and here is what I see happening.

- Ad companies are starting to not accept freehost sites, and I can see why. The clickthrough ratio on freehosts are even worse than the clickthrough on regular sites. There is also no target market except for everyone - since most freehosts don't focus on one type of user

- The only way you might make anything is charging for upgrades - the people who have a free site are nothing more than a vast pool of banner impressions with hardly any clickthroughs

- The number of people willing to upgrade is also very small - the number of people willing to buy anything off your site is also very small - these people want something for free

I don't see where my sites are heading - and I think the freehost market may eventually go away - but for now it's a good advertising base for my own projects even though I can't make anything on the regular ad market even with a large number of impressions - maybe coffee money every day - but why the hassle?

I would be curious if anyone has similar type sites and is actually making something off of them - let me know
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Old 01-02-2002, 12:36 PM   #5
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Join Date: Dec 2001
Location: N.Ireland
Posts: 3

Well its posible to make some money nothing to big. I run one that was making quite good money before being forced to move server currently in process 5 gigs of stuff to move . There is money in the market if you run popunders/popups on pages. FWP's have a low pageview to unique ratio i current do 3 views/unique ad companies like that. I don't think its enough to make a living off or anywhere near but it can be used well to promote other services and advertising renevue can be healthy. It does require one hell of alot of admining which is its biggest downside.
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Old 01-25-2002, 05:50 AM   #6
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Join Date: May 2001
Location: NJ
Posts: 139

I run boards2go.com which is geared towards webmasters in need of free message board hosting. I have a base of 60,000 active members and averaging around 15 M pageviews a month.

Fastclick.com basically keeps my site alive and puts a nice little chunk of change in my pockets. And the 468x60 banners are not doing great either but I'm making a good deal of money (more than I would make working at a supermarket as a cashier).

In any case I will do this free hosting even if the site doesn't pay for itself cause I enjoy it and rackshack offers a great price.

But I think popunders are the way to go, but I hear fastclick isn't accepting.

I hope this helped :/
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