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Old 07-31-2001, 12:07 PM   #1
I am a Contributing Geek. Are You?
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Question Why can't I post?

Our Forum script (vBulletin) uses a sophisticated set of "rights" for each "User Group".

1) Visitors may only view posts in open Forums. They can't post or use the numerous other advanced features of geek/talk.

2) All approved applications to Register recieve an email with a subject of "Your account at geek/talk has been activated" This means you are a Member in good standing and may post and use other features of geek/talk which are not available to visitors and other User Groups.

3) Rejected member applications to register may only view posts. They can't post or use the advanced features.

4) Banned members may only view posts in open Forums. They can't post or use the advanced features.

5) Only Members in good standing may post.

6) If you recieve an Error Message that begins with "You are not logged in or you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:", this means that you can't access a particular feature on geek/talk because your User Group does not have theses permissions.

7) All issues related to your membership, our Rules & Procedures, or how we run geek/talk should only use our BB Feedback Form. We do not respond to email and or PMs on these issues. Posting these issues on geek/talk is forbidden and you will be immediately banned. Please note, we do not issue warnings.

8) We have an exstensive database on every Member, attempted registration, email sent, abusive posts, and numerous other issues which permit us to properly administrate geek/talk. Pleasse don't insult our intelligence with your actions.

Geek/talk is a busy place and can be confusing for new folks. It's also a very unusuall Community which strives for quality and never quanity. We have very strict rules and an aggressive enforcement policy to insure the high quality of our Community.

The vast majority of new members are valuable contributors and welcomed guests. A significant number of new members are immediately and permanently banned after a small number of posts. We do not issue warnings. Here are the most frequent abusive actions (rules violations) from new members which guarantee that any member will be immediately banned:

1. Posting affiliate links, "spam", or advertising
2. Posting adult links, related questions, or adult discussions
3. Pursuing a personal vendetta/agenda against another site or sponsor
4. Re-registering after previously being banned
5. Cross posting (the same or similar post in two or more forums)
6. Flame and or attacks
7. Traffic Extraction
8. Sending SPAM/unsolicited offers via PM (Private Message)
9. Failure to comply with a single free post in a given 30 day period for our Website For Sale - Purchase - Barter - Trade Forum and our Barter/Trade Links Forum
10. A few members "trash" and or undermine other parties sales and or purchases. These remarks are often insulting, self serving, lack civility, of a trolling nature, and undermine and dilute our Culture.

9) You should carefully read the following documents which govern your actions on geek/talk. Please carefully read the entire contents of all of these documents if you are Banned or your application to register is rejected. Please don't insult our intelligence or waste our time with questions about why you were Banned or your application was rejected, when in fact the reason appears in these douments.

BB Rules | BB Posting Guide | Terms & Conditions

10) Our Members do a fantastic job in helping us administrate geek/talk. Every post on geek/talk contains a Report Trouble link and the same link titled Report Trouble On BB appears at the top and bottom of every page. Thank you in advance and forever for using this form to report "Abuse".

11) 12-21-01 -- Operation click back implemented

All applications to register are a two step procedure. Step 1 requires a click back via the email which you were sent. If the click back is properly completed, the application is placed in the cue for review. If not properly completed in 24 hours, the application/member is banned and rejected. Two or more member accounts for a person are never permitted. In these cases you are permanently rejected/banned.

The cue for review is the final step in our application to register. This procedure normally takes 3 business days. Business days are defined as Monday through Friday and computed from our location in San Diego, California, USA and not your location. Please see 2 and 3 above. Please remain loged in to geek/talk during this procedure.

Current Registered Members ONLY

If you change your email address of record with geek/talk you will be sent an email to your new address which contains "Since you have recently changed your email, we require that you verify your new email address."

Our security procedures require that you "click back" using the link inside this email to complete this change. If you don't do this within 24 hours you are locked out of geek/talk and your posting privileges are suspended. After you click back you will be placed in the cue for review. We will accelerate our review procedures for you. Use our BB Feedback Form and only this Form to communicate with us.

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