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Closed Thread
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Old 07-12-2007, 07:37 PM   #1
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Default Newsletter\Website For Sale

Your name: Justin G
Your Email address: support@nascentvisions.com
URL of the site: http://www.nascentvisions.com (NOT Site For Sale)
Age of site: 6 Months Plus
Traffic statistics (PageViews & Uniques ONLY):
Source of traffic: Google AdWords, Tell A Friends
Asking price: $12,000 to $24,000
Gross and net revenue per month (Total): Gross, $1,200 Net, $960
The specific source of your revenue (Names/Details for each. DO NOT post your Google AdSense data): See below

What is for sale?

Newsletter With 10,000 Plus Subscribers (Actual AWeber Account)
Website With Squeeze Page Plus Custom Written Tell A Friend System (There have been 13,577 referrals so far through the tell a friend system. It roughly equals the amount of new subscribers each day.)
Exact Google AdSense Ads To Continue Getting 2,000 to 3,000 New Subscribers Each Month For Only $240
Certain Affiliate Accounts
SEO Contact (Costs Only $50 Per Month)
Ideas For Other Sites Was Going to Launch After This Site Using The Auto-Responder & Newsletter To Promote
After Sale Consulting & Support

Note: I say primarily the newsletter because the site and my google ads could be copied so easily. Therefore, I will not release the actual website until the site has been purchased and the funds received. You should primarily look at this as if you are buying the newsletter, plus a system to continually add a huge amount of new subscribers every month.

Why are you selling?

Im actually selling this for several reasons. The primary reason is that Im working on another service that Ive had planned for awhile, and its taking more of my time than I thought, and even though this site takes very little time to make money with, I need to focus 100%. Also, the money will be used to launch the new service in terms of buying a server for co-location and advertising expenses. Since Im launching this new service I also Im not going to go through with my plans of other sites to launch using the newsletter to promote the other sites.

How much is this making and how much are you spending on this site?

The site makes money in several ways. The primary money maker is sending out broadcast messages to the newsletter. However, the site makes money using Google AdSense, Auto-Responders, and Broadcast Mailings. I mainly promote affiliate programs; however, the auto-responder does promote some of my other sites. If you replace my auto-responders with certain affiliate programs you will make more money. Its also important to note that Ive focused on residual programs, which means less is made in the beginning, but after time you should make more.

Income (Last Full Month, June)

Clickbank Income: $1,055.24 (Auto-Responder Sales, Broadcast Mailings, All One Time Sales)
Residual Affiliate Program: $79.92 (However, currently this month the residual billings are at 119.88, since 12 have rebilled at $9.99. There are 2 more due this month, for a total estimate of around $139.86 by the end of the month.)
Google AdSense: $21.38 (Zero Work Done, Automatic Income)
AWeber Residual Affiliate Program: $39.87 (Really Only One Subscriber, but last month someone paid for a full year. Expect $3.99 from this.)

Total June Income: $1,055.24 + 79.92 + 21.38 + 39.887 = $1,196.41

IMPORTANT: First, understand that you can make a lot more with this site. For example, on the third page on the website, after they tell their friend I redirect to the residual affiliate program. This brought my google adsense down from about $60 a month, or 2 dollars per day, to the current amount. Also, I have this offer in one of my auto-responders. I havent been getting as many signups when I first did this, so it would probably be better to remove the redirect, which would increase the google adsense, and probably get more sign-ups just by the auto-responder. However, like I said, Ive been to busy and worry about stuff like this. Secondly, a couple of the auto-responders are for other sites that I dont track directly the income. For example, in one auto-responder I recommend a merchant account and toll fee number site to them if they are starting a business. I make money from both, but I dont know how much from this specific site, so its not included in the above.

The bottom line is if you are creative, take some of my advice, and make some changes you should easily be able to get it up to $1,500 per month. If you decide to mix it up more in between residual and non-residual programs, your income should increase. I happen to like residual programs, so I promote them even though they may not be the best match, which means lower conversions. Also, certain accounts will be given to you such as the residual affiliate program account, so you will have certain income coming in from day one since its residual.

Expenses (Last Full Month, June)

Google AdWords: $239.21
Hosting: $0.00 (Have it hosted on one of my other accounts, but you will probably incur a hosting fee, so I mention it.)
Domain Name: $15 ANNUAL Expense

Total June Expenses: $239.21

What do you think the value of the site is?

Businesses are typically valued by some multiple of either the net profit or the gross revenue. The actual profit last month was $957.20, but lets round it up to $1,000 to keep it simple. Typically, those huge billion dollar mergers you hear about are typically a 3 year multiple. However, I personally would not buy the site for more than a 2 year or 24 month multiple. I personally think the site is worth a 1 year to 2 year multiple, which would be from $12,000 to $24,000. All offers will be accepted, and depending on the response, you may get a great business on the cheap. However, I dont think its worth more than the 2 year multiple and wont accept anything higher than that amount.

What am I actually buying?

After the funds are received, this is what you will receive, and steps you should take:

AWeber Account With 10,000 Plus Subscribers I will give you my login information. You should login, change the billing information and the password. You will now have the ability to mail out to all of the subscribers, get the benefit of all of the new subscribers every day, and have complete control of the account.
The Website Files You will receive the hosting files and database table (sql, and data). You will not get my hosting account because Im hosting other sites on the same account. You should take the files, upload to your hosting account.
Domain Name You will receive the domain name transferred to your account. If you have GoDaddy, this is easier, and will have the domain name transferred from my domain account to your domain name account. You should immediately change the name servers to your hosting account.
You will receive the unnamed residual affiliate account listed above in the income. Login, and change the profile information so you start receiving the checks at your address. Change the password as well.
Google AdWords Ad Text You will receive the exact google adwords ads Im running, that only cost around $240, and received 5,790 clicks last month, with a CTR of 1.94%, and an avg. CPC of $.04. I just searched and there are only 3 competitors, so you can most likely get the CPC down even further.
Google AdSense You will not get my google adsense account because other sites are in there as well, however, you will need to open one if you dont have one, and replace my adsense code with your adsense code.

Youll have my e-mail address so you can e-mail and ask me any questions you may have, for up to 6 months after the sale.

What are the other benefits?

There are a couple of other sites I was going to launch, and use this site to promote them in the auto-responder, and broadcast messages. If you have the time Id highly recommend going through with these ideas, and youll get a list of them. One of the more obvious ideas is to start a blog, but always post videos which are really screencasts using Camtasia. I think promoting the affiliate program product through a screencast/video would get a lot higher response, than sending them directly to the site. Youll get my list of 20 plus ideas for videos.
I also think you should launch a forum, which would get users coming back and back to the site, promoted via the auto-responder, and/or redirected after the last step is completed. This would highly increase your google adsense income.
The site itself is also residual in nature, because your existing subscribers stay subscribed. Therefore, every month your income should be increasing.

Final Words

Hopefully you can see Ive tried to disclose everything as possible, and be honest about the potential of the site, and what its currently doing. Some of you may be able to see the value, others may not. Where I can assign the account completely, Im going to do so, however, where I cant, I cant, and wont. Also, I WILL NOT give out the actual website or any other information because the site can be copied so easily.


I had screenshots but can't attach here. E-Mail or msg me for screenshots.
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Old 05-28-2009, 11:46 PM   #2
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what is the bottom price that you will take for this.
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Old 06-07-2009, 12:55 AM   #3
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I respect your complete honesty in your details....very thorough. I will strongly consider this domain
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Old 06-07-2009, 03:20 PM   #4
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interesting post.
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Old 06-08-2009, 06:03 AM   #5

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Since this thread is actually two years old and the site presumably no longer for sale, I'll lock it now to avoid further confusion.

Thanks for your interest all.

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