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Old 01-07-2006, 01:54 PM   #1
I am a Contributing Geek. Are You?
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Join Date: Aug 1998
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
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Exclamation STOP working for Peanuts!

The description of this Forum includes "...Selling your own advertising, goods, services, or content. Please humor me as we attempt to revitalize this aspect of monetizing your site with what I hope and pray is a great thread

Although we have had a number of great threads on selling your own advertising, blending same with CPA/CPL and or PPC programs along with some great threads on Media Kits, I'm still perplexed with the issue of desirable sites with quality content who don't sell their own adverts. Please don't get me wrong, we DO have members like thegauntlet and Doug who have done great work but respectfully, some of you are working for "peanuts" as opposed to generating real revenue. Perhaps this issue is realted to the addiction/fixation with Google (cough) but in any event here is my deal.

Myself and others (I hope) will attempt to offer advice on selling your own Adverts on your site. The best advice will normally occur if you could please post:

1. The URL of your mainstream site?

2. Your traffic figures for an average month exspressed as Uniques and PageViews. If your site is also "sticky" then the average number of PageViews per unique? For example, Forums are sticky with about 10 or more PageViews per unique as compared to many other great sites where the numbers are around 3 PageViews per unique.

3. I understand the sensative nature of posting your data. No problem with that but try and give us all lots of details without disclosing your secret

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Old 01-08-2006, 07:19 PM   #2
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Okie, I'll humor you if you humor me.

I do sell ad campaigns directly but only because they contact me directly...and we work towards their goals, my revenue needs and strike a bargain.

But I'd love to learn to sell ad campaigns directly. Can you help me learn how to do that?

My url: http://www.hystersisters.com

Traffic via urchin:


Averaging 6,000 unique sessions per day
Averaging 107,000 uniques per month
Average 11 pages per session
Averaging 55,000 page views per day

We've been online since 1998 and have over 85K members. We have google adsense ads along with burstmedia in addition to direct campaigns for four companies.

I am happy with Google adsense revenue (except since holidays have been significantly lower although traffic is back up to normal). Burst's revenue is pitiful but I keep hanging in there as they tell me that targeted campaigns are coming. I find less than 15.00 per day with Burst to be way below the expectations based on my other campaigns and google.

I have recently added some unique features to our site including an html welcome letter (which has no advertising but could have a sponsor spot on it) with 100+ new registrations per day. We also have over 200 unique emails that are auto emailed daily to members with content provided for surgery pre-op and post-op recovery. Again, no advertising but could provide a means of sponsorship.

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Old 01-09-2006, 01:16 PM   #3
I am a Contributing Geek. Are You?
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Join Date: Aug 1998
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Posts: 5,224
Arrow For Kathy...

Happy to help Kathy

Introduction: You have a marvelous site and you have done a fantastic job monetizing same. Naturally, their is room for improvent which in a certain sence provides you with not only more revenue but diversifies your revenue stream. This last point which deals with the fawning/addiction over AdSence is critical for long term viability.

Goal: Sell your own advertising on your site and monetize your email. In your case, it's a blended situation along side G.

1. Your Media Kit which should also contain your rate card: Combine both of your pages at http://www.hystersisters.com/vb2/vie...singpolicy.htm and http://www.hystersisters.com/vb2/view_adrates.htm into a single page and insure that the "Advertise" link appears on every page of your site, not just on vB. In your case, a somewhat subdued and straighforward "voice" would be best. Next, pump up the "confidence level and don't ask questions in your Media Kit. Present the data and assume they want to advertise. The page will probably get long so use Bookmarks to jump to an appropriate section. Advertisers are VERY busy people and not all of them will read your Page in a linear fashion. AKA, take me directly to the meat and potatoes (costs) and include in this section either a Form or an email link to make it easier.

Examples of Media Kits which work:





Your Media Kit should contain attribution from your advertisers. If they won't give you a quote, it's still a powerfull tool to simply create a section and list your Advertisers by name. In essence a Media Kit should be viewed as a sales tool which on a long term basis will save you tons of time and enhance your close rate.

2. What's a geek to charge? Given the quality and desirable niche of YOUR site I have some ideas: The Campaigns which you currently sell at around $100 per month should all contain a prepayment in full clause for 6 months in advance. Thats cash up front and naturally you supplyu them with the appropriate paper work to evidence this and all parties sign same via FAX. I would not be reluctant to quote above the fold Campaigns at a CPM of $15.00 and sell the deal on a monthly basis, minamum buy of 3 months, and simply quote a "guaranteed" number of impressions during a given month BUT the deal is sold on a 3 month basis.

3. Sales Issues: Iv'e spoken to YOU on the phone a number of times and you will do very well talking to prospective Advertisers on the phone. For the benifit of other, USE the TELEPHONE! Advertisers will love it, they have an inherint need to actually speak to the owner of the site. Other issues, you can always negotiate but don't be reluctant to walk away from a deal. Try and anticipate questions an Advertiser may have with a Q and A section of sorts in your Media Kit. A Media Kit is always a "work in progress" as you revise and edit same to fit your demand. As you ramp up, yopur goal should be to "boiler blate" some of your responses to save time and insure accuracy. Some times a really juicy lead will arrive in your email, and rahter than email them, just pick up the phone and call them. Natch, you need your data in front of you but this is yet another way to "close" the sale.

4. Loose ends: I noticed that you make no mention of accepting checks. Do you realize that some larger Advertisers ONLY pay via Check for accounting/control purposes. In this case we are generally talking about Campaigns which cost 4 and 5 figures. Obviously, you have already performed your due dillegence on this Advertiser so take the check, launch the Campaign, and have fun Since you have already stipulated that all sales are final, you don't issue refunds, perform your due dillegence on me BEFORE you purchase, and my experience with checks over a 6 year period is perfect then please do this.

5. Email: I don't have a lot of experience in this area BUT I bet your site sends more emails than you think. In vB if they check subscribe to thread thats an email, when they register, if you use a click back email, thats another Email opportunity. I'm guessing at over 1K emails per day but it's your site so maybe poke around and try and figure it out. Sell the Advert on a monthly basis in your emails with a prepay minamum buy of 3 months. A guestimate, start with $150 per month BUT others who do this may have better ideas

I hope this gets you started and don't hesitate to ask questions and if you have time, search some of our other threads on this issue.

Anyone else?

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Old 02-06-2006, 05:39 PM   #4
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Hi Steve! I'm working on the same issue - trying to sell my own ads, but not sure where to start. I'm trying to put together a Media Kit and am glad to see your tips here.

My url: http://www.historyforkids.org

Traffic via webalizer:


Averaging 20,000 unique sessions per day
Averaging 375,000 uniques per month
Average 6.5 pages per session
Averaging 125,000 page views per day

We've been online since 1996. Because it's a kids' site, I haven't been collecting their names for a mailing list, but I am thinking about it. We have google adsense ads along with tribal, burst, fastclick, and casale in varying combinations.

The money is coming in great, but the CPM is low (we're averaging about $1.00 for the banners and skyscrapers), and we're just getting RON from all the networks. Should I try to persuade the networks to do better than RON, or go out on my own? And how would I decide who to call, and what would I charge? Can I sell by the page instead of by the impression?

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Old 02-07-2006, 02:24 PM   #5
I am a Contributing Geek. Are You?
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Join Date: Aug 1998
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Posts: 5,224
Arrow For Karen...

Hi Dr. Karen

What a marvelous site you have. Yep, your site is an ideal canidate to sell your very own advertising. Some ideas:

1. Pull you Media Kit link at http://www.historyforkids.org/advertising.htm and place same at the top level of your site. Above the fold using "Advertise Here" on every page of your site. It's currently in a sub menu and hard to find.

2. Your Media Kit is a nice start however I suggest a few changes even though a lot of this stuff may in fact already be in your media kit: Please see the examples I posted in this thread. The issue that makes a Media Kit challenging is that not all advertisers read it the same way and in fact they may not spend hours and hours looking at the rich content of your site. In this light, it's OK to be redundant and place copy on your Media Kit which may in fact appear on other pages of your site. You can always use new window links to branch to other pages on your site but your media kit should contain enough data to interest an advertiser. Try this:

START: A brief summary of the site and YOU Time on line, approzxamite number of site pages and your misson statement. What is unique about your site?

Just a few slivers of attribution with perhaps a branch/link to more. In this section you can ballpark your very desirable demographics

Traffic Stats

Rate Card. Sell your advertising on a CPM basis with a guaranteed number of impressions per month. So it's a month by month deal sold via a minamum buy of 3 months. Ask for a CPM of $10.00 and negotiate Types of advertising you accept and that means banners and or text links with some sizes.

Remove "We hope you'll consider sponsoring a page or two, and helping to keep Historyforkids! free and available." and the links to other pages of content on your site. You Media Kit should "speak" in a positive voice, with confidence and authority. Use the word "Campaign" and don't limit yourself to just a few pages. Since your content pages links are already on the left side of the page, no need to to insert same in your media kit. Remove "Statistics show that branding works very well on Web sites!" Your limiting your target market to those that only want branding. Others will certainly want sales so please remove this.

Change this sentence to: "We track your ad and can provide accurate click-through statistics in real time." No need to a mention a third party since eventually you will probably have your very own technology to serve and track adverts. Lots of ways to do this with your own script like phpAdsNew but in the beginng I wouldn't worry about that yet

Your contact us data which might be revised to "Contact Us and Launch your Campaign today: nothing wrong with an email link to start however , think about a phone number, name, and address, and other types of payments you will accept.

Summary: With these few simple changes to your link placement and Media Kit I'm very confident that Advertisers will come to you with inquiries and money. Then you have a "blended" situation similar to Kathys where you continue to run the third party high earning Campaigns for you like AdSence along with your own direct sales Campaigns. I would guess that within a few months the advertiser inquiries will start to roll in.

Edit: Any other Publisher input on methods and procedures which YOU have used to sell your own Advertising which relate to these outstanding sites? Please

Continued best wishes

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