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Closed Thread
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Old 07-27-2001, 07:30 PM   #1
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Join Date: Apr 2001
Posts: 32
Angry Complaint: CWI Hosting (Suspended account without explanation)

Full name: Chris Willard
URL: www.ffxposed.com
Account: ffxposed

Earlier this week I noticed that when you tried to access my site, it came up with a 403 Forbidden error. I emailed tech support, and just in case I gave them my hotmail address (Instead of my sites email, because that was suspended too. My sites email is cdestoyer@ffxposed.com. The hotmail address I gave them, and the one where I sent all the following emails from, was cdestroyer1@hotmail.com.) in case they needed to tell me something before they fixed the problem. Well, they closed the case, and the records show they sent out an email...but it was to the one that was suspended. They didn't fix it, and I don't know what they told me. I sent out another tech question asking them to fix it again, or send a responce to my hotmail address. Again, the same thing. They told me what was wrong, but to an email address I couldn't check.

I then emailed the CEO at ceo@cwihosting.com. He sent me back this email:

cto@cwihosting.com has already explained the situation to you. Your site has
been suspended do to policy violation. Please contact him if you need any
further assistance.

Thank you for emailing me.


Marcus N. Barnes
CEO & President
Either they never sent the message, or they sent it to the email account they have just suspended. Am I wrong when I think that this is not good buisness practices? I told them that...

Anyways, that was sent in on the 25th...two days ago. Since then I have emailed the CEO and the email he gave me, but they have not responded. Here are copies of the emails I remembered to save a draft of:

I have contacted him, thanks for his email. However, just for clarification, I have NOT had the situation explained to me yet. I'm assuming you sent this explanation to my @ffxposed.com email, the one you suspended. I don't see how that is considered being explained...

BTW, since I don't know what policy it was I violated, I just re-read the Policy statement. I still don't know what I did. Anything that might have been questionable I asked permission first...and got it.

My other alias is CDestroyer, thats the one they know me by. That email was sent on the 25th right after I got their email.

My account is: ffxposed
My name is: Chris Willard
My URL is: www.ffxposed.com

Early yesterday I found my site was getting a 403 Forbidden error, and my email wasn't working. I emailed tech support, and they responded to me...at the email that wasn't working. I have NO idea what they told me. So I emailed the CEO. S/He just replied telling me you already told me what was going on...that my account was suspended due to a policy violation.

First off: NOBODY sent me a message like this. If you did, then you sent it to the email that you just turned off. Personally, this is NOT a good way of telling somebody that their account was suspended. I was 100% left in the dark.

Second: Just what did I do? My last host cancelled my account due to a violation, and this time I made perfectly clear that I had NOTHING in violation...and I did this before I signed up. Everything that I did that might have been a problem I asked you guys about...you never had a problem. Please, for the love of god, tell me what I did.

I hope that, whatever has happened, can be cleared up ASAP.
This is the email I then sent to cto. This was sent right after I emailed the CEO back.

I've been trying to get you to respond with an explanation as to why my site's account (account: ffxposed) has been suspended for two days. It is not good buisness practice to suspend an account, send the explanation as to why the account was suspended to the email you just suspended, and then ignore any other emails.

Since you won't tell me what I did wrong, I've been reading through the Policy to see what I might have done. Below is a listing of possible problems I noticed.

MP3: Yes, I had a couple MP3's on my site. However, I had asked tech support about them first. They replied telling me as long as they weren't copyrighted, they were fine. They weren't.

Too much bandwidth: I havent been checking up on it. Could this be it?

Multiple users: I have 3 people who have access to the ftp, including me. I trust them all. However, this might be something that isn't allowed. I'll take their access away if you want.

Chat rooms: Yes, I have a chat room. However, its not the kind that will bog down the server. All this one does is grant access to an irc server...it doesn't create one. If this was the problem, I will gladly remove it immidiatly.

This is all I can think of really. If I was correct, or if I wasn't, could you please explain? I swear to god, I never got the explanation, and 2 days of being ignored is not something that should be done.

This is the email I sent earlier this morning after finding that 2 days have passed without any responce. I do sound a bit angry in it, but c'mon...3 days with a suspended account with no explanation would probably get any of you pretty PO'd.

Anyways, I'm currently with CWIHosting. I know some of you here have not had good relations with them in the past, but I signed up with them for what they were offering. It ends up that I didn't really need all the extras they were offering, so I was planning on switching soon anyways. This confirmed my decision.

I don't know if anything in there should be censored out, so if there is, please tell me and I'll do it. I'm also sorry if I missed any of the rules for posting these complaints. I'll correct it ASAP.

If anybody would like to see what the site looks like, this site is the best I can give. It was my test server for when I was remaking the layout and stuff. It hasn't been touched in about 3 months, but it's still pretty close to what the current version is (The forums are now phpBB though, and there is a lot more news/info/pics).

So...does anybody have an idea as to what I should do? I'm really confused and desperate here.

Last edited by Just_Plain_Onion; 07-28-2001 at 11:32 PM.
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Old 07-28-2001, 04:19 PM   #2
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Webmaster member procedure for your FIRST post:

1) The New Topic Subject field must say: "Complaint: xxx Company Name"
2) Your complete and full real name
3) The exact URL of your site where this issue occurred
Note: Adult links or gateways to same are not permitted. Contact the vendor privately. If your site is down your post is deleted and you are banned. Your site
MUST resolve via a browser.
4) Your email address of record with the vendor in question
5) The nature and timing of your contact efforts via email and or phone.
6) The exact nature of your complaint. Devoid of profanity, efforts to defeat our filter, with your own facts and not here say. Please be civil, very specific, and
adhere to our Posting Guidelines and our Rules.

Merchant/vendor member procedure for your FIRST post:

1) Your complete and full real name
2) Your position and title and company name with the company in question
3) The exact URL of your site
4) Your email address or company email address for resolution
5) Your response. Devoid of profanity, efforts to humiliate, abuse, attack etc. Details of your contact efforts. If YOU know from first hand knowledge that the
member is a "cheater" or violated your rules then simply state this once if you are so inclined. Or tell them to contact you privately.

This is THE END of the dialog. A single response from both sides. After that it's taken up in private via private email. Additional comments by either side
are never appropriate. Please remember that all of this data must be in your FIRST post. Data in your profile, the back seat of your car, your signature,
your computers hard disk, or your best friends desk is never appropriate and does not eliminate the requirements. If a vendor responds with no record or
similar verbiage the Webmaster Member is banned.

If you are not a party to the issue, but wish to add positive comments to the thread to help both parties, please do so. If you are not a party to the issue (you
did not start the specific Complaint topic), and wish to post your own negative comments, YOU MUST START A NEW THREAD AND FOLLOW ALL OF THE


I think

2) Your complete and full real name
3) The exact URL of your site where this issue occurred

is suposed to be at the start of your post.
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Old 07-28-2001, 11:37 PM   #3
Registered User
Join Date: Apr 2001
Posts: 32

Sorry about that, it's fixed =p

Just to update everybody, I still havent recieved:
a) a responce.
b) any indication as to what I have done.

Does anybody have any ideas? I'm getting really desperate/PO'd
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Old 07-31-2001, 11:54 PM   #4
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Join Date: Nov 2000
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I thought the complaint procedures are only for webmasters complaining about advertisers, not webhosts? Correct me if I'm wrong.
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Old 08-01-2001, 11:49 AM   #5
I am a Contributing Geek. Are You?
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Phillip is correct and thanks for bringing this issue to my attention. We may someday have a special form/procedure for hosts but our volume does not yet warrant it.

I better lock this thread since it might send the wrong signal to others for use in our making money forum.

I do hope your issue is resolved. I would also try calling them on the phone and sending a FAX if you can. Good luck.
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Closed Thread


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