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Closed Thread
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Old 08-09-2001, 11:30 AM   #1
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Default Complaint: Standard Internet. Payments due

My name: Sreenath Reddy
URL of the website: http://www.indianmasala.com
Email address on record: indianmasala@yahoo.com

Contact efforts: Several emails to Robert and BryanS of SI.

I have not been paid by Standard Internet for the months of May and June 2001. I have been an SI affiliate for over a year and have accounts with SearchTraffic, PopupTraffic, BulkClicks, Clickthrutraffic and Textlinks. SI ows me almost $2000 if I include all the dues for May, June and July 2001.

When I did not receive payment for May I first contacted SI on July 11th about payment. I received mails on July 12th and 16th from Steve of SearchTraffic that they will look into the Searchtraffic part of it. After repeated enquiries I received a mail from BryanS of SI on July 27th stating that the account was canceled. Following was the reason given pertaining to BulkClicks.
We detected a very strange pattern which indicated that you were using a hitbox. This canceled your account.

July 27th was the first time I heard anything about the account being terminated. There was absolutely no email about account termination and I kept giving all the clicks and impressions to all SI accounts. My account access was never removed which made me think everything was all right. I still have access to my account and statistics. If the account was terminated towards the end of July 2001 why were not my payments for May and June processed?. If the account was indeed terminated earlier why was I not informed and why was my account kept active?.

IndianMasala.com has been a leading Indian entertainment website for over 3 years and we never had a case of an ad company terminating our account for a reason such as this. I absolutely had no idea what the hitbox trend they were talking about was. When I asked them the same following was the response I got from Robert of SI.
I just checked your top referring IPs and they are all from unassigned addresses. This means the referring IP address is not active.
77 hits clicked from
73 hits clicked from
38 hits clicked from
30 hits clicked from

I verified my access logs and found all these IP addresses to be legitimate http requests and they have been accessing the website almost everyday. There is no way I would know if a particular IP accessig my site is unassigned and I cannot be held responsible for something that was not done by me. I request any webmaster who cares for another webmaster like me to verify if these IPs are indeed unassigned. Where could they be coming from?. I can only imagine they are from a proxy server where many users are trying to access the site with the same IP address. I gave the same response to Robert and I even gave them location of my saved access logs which is proof that these were all genuine IPs making http requests on my website. They still decided that they cannot continue my account. That's fine. But I must get all the payments that are due to me till date. Other than BulkClicks I have payments due from all SI accounts. If this attempt to get my payments fails I will not hesitate to go the legal way in order to get my payments and I will definitely fight for my rights as a webmaster.

I made several attempts to at least know if my accounts with SI other than BulkClicks were affected too because I never received any official email that my accounts with SI were terminated. But my emails were ignored.

Thanks for your understanding. I am posting this only after making all attempts to get my payments in an amicable way failed. I have nothing personal against management of SI and I definitely feel they have contributed a lot to the ad industry. But I cannot compromise when injustice is done to me.

Thank you.
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Old 08-09-2001, 11:54 AM   #2
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Admin review. Compliant Complaint as per Item 5 at:


An exstract of this procedure for the benifit of others:

"...This is THE END of the dialog. A single response from both sides. After that it's taken up in private via private email. Additional comments by either side are never appropriate. Please remember that all of this data must be in your FIRST post. Data in your profile, the back seat of your car, your signature, your computers hard disk, or your best friends desk is never appropriate and does not eliminate the requirements. If a vendor responds with no record or similar verbiage the Webmaster Member is banned.

If you are not a party to the issue, but wish to add positive comments to the thread to help both parties, please do so. If you are not a party to the issue (you did not start the specific Complaint topic), and wish to post your own negative comments, YOU MUST START A NEW THREAD AND FOLLOW ALL OF THE PROCEDURES OUTLINED ABOVE.---"
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Old 08-13-2001, 11:01 AM   #3
Robert from SI
I am a Contributing Geek. Are You?
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Robert Mooney, CEO Standard Internet Corp.

Sorry for the delay in replying to this. I have been on vacation since 7/31/01 and am now back for a few days before going off again.

The information posted by Mr. Reddy is, for the most part, correct.

Mr. Reddy's BulkClicks account was flagged for excess traffic coming from open proxys in May 2001. After an email exchange I had the admin reinstate the account based on Mr. Reddys longevity with SI and his earning of many thousands of dollars in that period. The amount of traffic from open proxys was high, but not high as a % of Mr. Reddy's overall traffic and there were no issues with any of the other SI programs he was participating in.

Before a check was issued Mr. Reddy's BulkClicks account was again flagged (by a different admin) and his SearchTraffic account was also flagged (again, independently, by a 3rd admin). The BulkClicks account saw it's traffic more than double in a 24 hr period which caused the admin to log IP's and watch the account closely.

The BulkClicks account top 13 referring IPs (4 of which are pasted below by Mr. Reddy) are all either allocated but unassigned or totally invalid IP addresses (as of approximately 7/15/01). The reminaing IPs showed a fairly normal distribution of traffic.

Traffic came from these IP's in an similar quantity for about 15 days and stopped completely within 4 hours of my sending the email pasted by Mr. Reddy below.

There is no way possible for an unassigned IP address to send traffic to a web page. Much less send tens of thousands of click thrus to an ad program. (an IP address which is allocated but unassigned is similar to a phone number that the phone company is holding on to but it's not yet been given to a customer.)

When made aware of this Mr. Reddy first said that the case may have been because the BulkClicks link was in a frame. He then stated that he moved the link from the frame to the main page and the rate of traffic dropped 60 to 65% within hours. Please note the traffic coming from the phantom IP's also stopped during this time period.

Due to the dollar amount and the longevity of Mr. Reddy's accounts the admins passed on the case to me. Mr. Reddy and I exchanged dozens of emails which stopped on 7/31/01 when I went on vacation. Mr. Reddy states above that his emails have been ignored, but posts snippets of multiple emails from myself and our admins.

Mr. Reddy has stated "There is no way I would know if a particular IP accessig my site is unassigned and I cannot be held responsible for something that was not done by me. "
The fact of the matter is that it is not possible for an unassigned or invalid IP to access a website much less click on advertisemnts on that website tens of thousands of times.

I have purposely not addressed the issue of Mr. Reddy's SearchTraffic account. If Mr. Reddy posts a complaint using this forums guidelines I will promptly reply to the issues regarding that account.
It's all just ones and zeros.
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Old 08-13-2001, 11:20 AM   #4
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Thank you for both following our posting guide.

This thread is now closed as per our rules
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Closed Thread


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