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Old 01-15-2000, 10:29 AM   #1
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Cool If you are joining/just-joined ClickXchange - please read

I have a few advertising programs in Clickxchange and have a really big influx of new affiliates applying to carry my ads in the last few days, including some sites belonging to geek/talk members.

In Clickxchange an advertiser reviews your site to decide whether to reject or accept it, and if they accept whether to offer the standard pay rate, or a different pay rate.

One of the tools, advertisers use to review sites, is some statistics clickxchange provides us. This helps an advertiser to see if the site is honest. These statistics will tell us very little if you have never shown a clickxchange ad, or shown very few of their ads.

In my own case (and I believe some other advertisers do this too), I generally do not accept sites for my programs without a previous record in clickxchange (of course there are some exceptions). This means if you are waiting for responses from all programs you applied to before you show any clickxchange ads, many clickxchange advertisers may never respond.

Fortunately I believe there are also advertisers who look like at your site, rather than the stats, and hopefully accept you immediately.

So the point is...if you want a response from advertisers you applied to, who haven't responded yet, you should starting showing clickxchange ads for whichever programs you are approved for, as soon as you can. This way any remaining Clickxchange advertisers will have enough statistical info to decide on whether to accept your site.


ClickTrade Emergency Action Plan - They're ending pay-per-click - What should I do ?
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Old 01-15-2000, 01:20 PM   #2
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This seems to be sort of a viscious cycle you're talking about--if an advertiser won't accept a site until there are clickxchange stats to look at, then new affiliates will never be approved for new programs and thus never have a track record at clickxchange and will never be accepted by new advertisers who look only at the stats to make a decision, etc, etc.

I would not expect an affiliate to put my banners/links up for free (as they often suggested at ClickTrade) just so I can see how they'll do before I approve them (And like most advertisers, I can be spotty as to the timing of my approvals--it could take up to two weeks for an affiliate to get a yes/no on being accepted). I think as an advertiser there is some responsibility to look at the sites, make a decision, then live with the consequences for a short time. If the affiliate is cheating or the site doesn't send quality clicks, get rid of the affiliate. It can cost some money in the short run, but in the long run you'll have quality affiliates and you won't need to even take a chance with the short-sighted losers who click on their own links to try and make a couple extra bucks.

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Old 01-15-2000, 05:35 PM   #3
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1. It can be a vicious circle
2. Nobody should need to host ads unpaid

3. In my own personal case, I am running on pretty thin margins, so I have to be very careful about who I accept.

4. I do accept sites without a clickxchange history if it's clear they are professional (in terms of standards of design, management - not necessarily a full time webmaster)

5. The most important point is it is easy to break out of the vicious cycle, while still getting paid for every ad:
(a) there are advertisers who will accept you without a history, or who even auto-accept.
(b) The way to do this is to apply to a few advertisers' programs.
(c) As soon as you get accepted for some of these programs, starting showing those ads you are accepted for. Do NOT wait for every single advertiser to respond before showing any ads.
(d) Any the remaining programs you applied to will be much more likely to respond positively, once you have shown a good track record

Hope this makes sense

ClickTrade Emergency Action Plan - They're ending pay-per-click - What should I do ?
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Old 01-18-2000, 12:59 AM   #4
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Thumbs down

One thing I feel about ClickXchange from an affiliate's point of view that it really is full of some rubbish links.

True there are some goodies to be found but I have wasted so much time looking and finding people that are advertising to click through to their 'Alladvantage' links etc.

Hopefully things will become a lot better and some more webmaster's with quality sites will register.

Just my 2 cents worth.

Jason Barnham

We know where webmaster's get it for FREE!


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