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Old 12-05-1999, 06:48 AM   #1
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Cool !! New Update From TeknoSurf re: GetPaid4

Hello Group members,
I have spent the last hour or so digesting all of the posts in regards to the our newest program, GetPaid4 ...
I wasn't able to read everything because apparantly some threads had gotten so out of hand that they were locked, I can only imagine..

First some clarification:
GetPaid4 was initially slated to go live on December 15th, 1999.. Some of the employees here were contacting sites in regards to placing advertising on them and apparantly a few of the sites took that as reason to believe that the program was open and as such began promoting it.. Literally overnight the first night this happened, 5,000 people had signed up to participate, completely taking us by suprise. Since then every day, thousands upon thousands of new people are joining the program, literally beyond our control or imagination.

Immidiately upon learning of the leak, we made sure our message was very clear to the public:
We are in BETA, Use at your own risk, promote at your own risk, things are subject to change, and for the month of NOVEMBER only usage would be paid at $1.00 per hour...
I firmly believe we did a more than adequate job in making these points known. After that point in time we have been hard at work solidifying the software application, the website, statistical reporting, customer support, and the like.

From inception we knew that the payout schema would be a very difficult element of the program to devise to everyone's fancy.. First there are a significant amount of people whom use fraudulent software to artifically inflate their usage statistics which hurt all of the honest people in how much we can pay. Second we are one of the industry leaders in the buying and selling of internet advertising, so we know exactly how much we can sell advertising for. Third we wanted to create the best program, with the best upside for the user, while at the same time ensuring that the payment proposition wasn't so risky that we couldn't live up to it!

The simple fact of the matter is that most internet advertising, sold by us and others is either on the CPM or CPC basis.. For Teknosurf the majority of our ad sales is on the CPC basis. However we do NOT want to compensate people nor incent them to click on the ads in order to increase their revenues.. This would actually cause us to be able to pay LESS than we could provided that your usage is NORMAL (average)...

For a slight period of time we had introduced a payout schema a few days ago that essentially rewarded you best for being AVERAGE and disincentized people from cheating or not clicking on any ads at all...

People didn't like this very much http://www.very-cool-stuff.com/ubb/smile.gif
and we responded back...

While of course we are still in beta, we believe this payout schema will be the permanent final one

The current payout schema will guarantee you that we will pay 70 percent of all net revenues generated by all users provided you are an active member. An active member is defined as someone whose click through rate is .5 percent to 5 percent (HUGE window)... If you fall outside of that spectrum you become InActive until you fall back in it.. For your convenience we list your Click Through Rate in your stats so you can monitor it to make sure you are solid.
Additionally we have changed the maximum amount of hours for use per month to 75 hours. We are targeting to payout greater than $.55 cents per hour this month, and right now the magic number is $.62 cents per hour, but that number is not guaranteed and of course subject to change. Shortly we will be providing in your stats the running monthly per hour average earnings so you can calculate approximiately how much you are earning per hour throughout the month.. The actual amount per hour will be announced shortly after the end of the month, each month.

We know that this payout schema will work because it's a revenue share situation into which the risk is equally shared by both parties. We have set aside more than 1 million dollars, cold hard cash for payouts for the month of December alone, we REALLY want everyone to make as much money as possible!! It's just got to be done fairly!

I sincerely do apologize for all of the confusion and chaos and misunderstanding there has been in regards to the GetPaid4 program.. It definitely was not ready for PrimeTime but we are getting closer by the minute and hope to have our public launch on December 7th,1999.

We greatly appreciate all of our Charter Members feedback, constructive criticism, accolades, questions, and reports of technical issues and we encourage you to contact us directly with any matter you have at hand at getpaid4@teknosurf.com

On behalf of Teknosurf, I can't thank everyone enough for all the support and help that you have provided in helping us get this program off the ground and making it the best Pay To Use Computer program on the internet.. We will not rest til it is the best!

Lastly, I just wanted to address some questions/comments that i read!

3. Tekno should also take into account Keystroke movements when calculating to see whether a person is online or not . Even as I am typing this text I had to move my mouse a few times to make sure that I am getting adequetely compensated . Just a suggestion to teknosurf .

In regards to this, we are actively looking for a solution for keystroke monitoring, however due to the nature of how your computer recognizes keystrokes (inside of the application you are working in only), this is actually more tricky than you would imagine... Please bear with us as we work to making a more universal solution!

Referral Links/Banners..
You can find a wide assortment of promotional materials at our website
and banners, etc, at http://www.getpaid4.com/banners

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