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Old 11-30-2000, 06:05 AM   #46
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I think eBay is an excellent example of one of the very few sites that can make more on repeat visitors.

I know sites that make $5000.00/month off of 5000 visitors/day (conversely I also know sites making $50.00/month off the same count)

If you could use methods to monetize that traffic today, shouldn't you do it? And again, your post, like others, talks about repeat visitors matching a demographic. Thats fine, but we're discussing making money.
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Old 11-30-2000, 08:26 AM   #47
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I'll throw a few thoughts in here as I've followed this thread and find it intriguing although not always understandable.

First off....my disclaimer. I'm not a marketer...In fact I'm here on this forum because I'm lousy with this.

I identified with Steve's post...creating a website out of passion to help other people. I didn't do it to make money. But, as the site has grown, I end up with the absolute need for money to be generated to pay for the increased traffic and costs of running the site. So it is out of my desparacy that I read and learn about the art of making money from my website because I can't afford this as a hobby. My salary as a public school teacher doesn't afford me the extra cash in my pocket to float this bill. I would if I could.

That said....here are my thoughts.

My website is a niche site built around women who are generally not the average net junkee. I believe most of the time husbands find the site and put their wives online to enjoy and use the site.

Daily about 1200-1500 uniques visit. ANd they visit several times a day. What I have done is to attempt to educate my members to understand the way the website is funded.

Most of my visitors are completely unaware that the advertisers pay per visit. They are unaware that purchases by clicking through a logo sends the site a commission.

And so, every so often, I post an educational announcement (for the newer ones) to explain that amazon.com pays the site a small commission...that advertisers support the site and encourage visits...I have a store with merchandise that reflects the website and I even have a way for direct donations to be made as a voluntary subscription for the use of the website.

I don't roll in dough from the proceeds. In fact when the ad revenue dropped these last few quarters it has been discouraging. I end up feeling like I'm overwhelmed with paying the bills instead of working on the site and maintaining and enlarging it like I used to be able to do. Its growing pains I know, but so frustrating to the real reason I do this.
I decided to look at revenue differently. I've been dependent on CPM banners and some CTP...along with amazon.com and my store proceeds. But I recently discovered is that my site registers 30-50 new members per day...so I do that well. SOmehow my website manages to generate new traffic daily and I think my best chance would be for newsletter signups while they register. (If I can manage to offer the newsletters without taking them away from the website registration process....and confuse them in the process. Remember, these gals are usually new web users....and I get "HELP! How do I post a new message....?"....from these gals daily.)

So, rambling all that to say for me...it would be repeat traffic and their loyalty to purchase in my store and use amazon.com and visit the sponsor banners. But I need the unique, new members registering for newsletters to attempt to balance out the repeat visitors revenue.

SOrry I didn't contribute to the bigger picture here. I just think this issue can hang one direction or the other based on the website, its niche, its kind of traffic....

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Old 11-30-2000, 08:42 AM   #48
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I was interested in your observation that two sites with the same traffic could make such different amounts of revenue.

A couple of questions:

1) Do you think the key to maximising revenue is simply to ensure that the only way a visitor leaves a site is via a paid-link (or at the very least an exit-console). Not very subtle but I guess it would work

2) Based on the massive amount of traffic that go through your sites every day what would you say pays best in the long run.

i) A guaranteed click-thru fee
ii) A much larger CPA or CPS fee

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