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Old 12-28-2002, 10:46 PM   #31
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Thanks for sharing the email from chapters.indigo, Timo.

chapters.indigo has a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of what seems to be a mass exodus from Amazon. Too bad they're not geared up to making it easy for international customers to purchase their products. I don't see any info on their site where non-Canadian customers can get a price quote in converted currency.

So, how would an American, for instance, pay for a product from chapters.indigo? It shouldn't be too difficult for chapters.indigo to have something on their sales completion page that would use that day's CAD/USD conversion rate to inform the customer of the amount that will appear on their charge card. Also, if I remember correctly, there would be a customs fee for items shipped from Canada to the US.

Powells is looking better by the minute.

Here's a link that gives current currency conversion rates http://finance.yahoo.com/m5?a=1&s=USD&t=CAD&c=0
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Old 12-28-2002, 11:35 PM   #32
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Perhaps the answer is just send your canadian users to indigo.chapters, and send your U.S. traffic to powels, just the same as you would send users to either amazon.com and amazon.ca.

If you have to run two seperate affiliate programs in amazon to ensure you get your commish, might as well send Canadians to indigo to get the 15% and 60 day cookie.

Canadians account for about 15% of our users, large enough to warrant us testing indigo.

I am not sure about the customs fees. I will ask in my next email.

If others want to drop questions in this thread I will copy them all down in an email and let indigo answer them all in one shot and paste it here in the forum. ( I disclose in the email that I will paste the answers in this forum)

To give some time for q's to accumulate, I will send the email to them on Jan 2nd.

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Old 12-29-2002, 03:51 PM   #33
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They likely don't list prices in USD because they don't charge them in USD. Typically the way it works when you're there in person is that they charge your credit card in Canadian dollars and the credit card company converts that to USD and bills you in USD. The exact exchange rate used will depend on exactly which card you use and what bank issued that card.

Now they could always offer a USD price and charge your card in USD. Certainly more work for them but a reasonable thing for them to do if they do a lot of business in the US. I know that I get CDs from a canadian company and they offer both canadian and USD prices. They also ship their US orders from the US though the box comes marked "product of Canada". With this arrangement at least they don't charge any duty.
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Old 12-29-2002, 11:42 PM   #34
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Default chapters

Couple notes. First, I don't believe there is any incentive for chapters to sell to the U.S. OR, more importantly, for international customers to buy from Chapters. I think you will find that for someone in the U.S., it's going to be cheaper all around to buy from an American company, when you take into account shipping costs.

For books, the exchange rate is not an incentive because books are usually dual priced in Can/US dollars. So for example, the cover price of one of my books is U.S. 18.95 and Can. 28.95.

Chapters sell this book online for cover price, while amazon.ca charges 24.95. Chapters is probably also charging an extra 7% GST on all purchases AND shipping is higher to the U.S.

So, from the U.S. customer's perspective, it will cost more, take longer and may end up as a customs hassle.

Which is why your aren't going to see Chapters make much of an effort to hit the U.S. market, because they have no competitive advantages AT ALL.

They are have not been historically well managed, in fact, having been in the lap of bankruptcy before Indigo bailed them out (if I recall correctly). And, to be a bit biased here, I'm a Canadian author and they have 2 of my 4 books available, recently doubled from 1.
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Old 12-29-2002, 11:45 PM   #35
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sorry, should have included this to be clearer about exchange rates and incentives.

Some things are worth buying in Canada, if you are in the U.S. and some things aren't. Books aren't. Computers might be. It obviously comes down to the degree to which the Canadian and American prices in quoted dollars come together.

Tourism in Canada is probably a great deal. Because of the way books are done in North America, the differences in prices make books more expensive here, even if they have been printed here.
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