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Default Can free content sites survive?

According to f** the answer is NO and they have seen enough free sites bite the dust. The following is a quote from todays list of failed companies

"Streaming music site is no longer giving it away for free. As explained on their site, "We would be happier taking care of 1,000 people that pay for a private site than 2,000,000 that do not." NO F*****G S**T, how is it there are people dumb enough to start companies without this basic bit of knowledge. goddam that makes me angry. In case you haven't been paying attention over the past year, all free sites with either (a) die eventually, (b) start charging, or (c) the best option, keep what's free, free -- and create new products or services that you can charge for."

His (c) option looks more likely in my opinion. I run a free font archive and I hope it never comes to (a) or (b).
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