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Originally posted by coolbuddy
..because USA has a dominent role in internet economy and major part of the traffic comes from usa only.Its not very easy to build sites for Euro and Japnese ppl because of language barrier and smaller set of audiance compared to USA market.
I think the role of the USA in this world economy has decreased hugely already, some people just don't realize this yet. You tell us a lot of internet traffic is from the US. Just realize that this might be true on your sites, but are your sites representative to conclude this? I see this a lot on forums. Most people talk for themselves. The EU is becoming a better market, because EU countries start 'blending' into eachother more and more. This has actually been a dream I always had since I was a kid (i'm not kidding!). The EU can be really strong if the countries work together instead of against eachother. That's what I see happening and I like it.

It's good that we have these forums, otherwise I wouldn't think of this stuff as much as I do now.
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