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Yes, the exchange rate is making a HUGE difference. I used to get up to $1.55 CDN for every $1.00 US. Now it's more like $1.15. CDN. The 40 cent difference is very substantial, and seems to be getting worse. This is sadly real money that's lost and effecting the bottom line.

Want an example to see the difference? If we pull in $25K US in a month, it used to work out to $39,000 CDN. Now with the lower exchange it's more like $29,000 CDN. That's a $10,000 difference EVERY MONTH.

...that difference is $120,000 CDN missing over the year! To put it in perspective, that's enough cash to pay for a fair sized mortgage for a year, take the family on a big vacation, and come home to buy yourself a BMW... gone.

What really pees in the wound is that if we bust our chops to boost traffic/revenue by say 20% (which is nice growth), we still end up making less than we did a year ago because of exchange rate.

Yeah, the current exchange rate hurts.
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