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Originally posted by tntcheats
Popups, Popunders, and all of those nice little words with "Pop" in them will not die any time soon. I'm convinced of that much.

Less webmasters using them just creates higher rates that advertisers are willing to spend. It will be a less used medium, sure. But will not be silenced.

There's always a way around everything. And this is no exception IMHO.
tntcheats, I really REALLY hope so!

Do you know of a way to make popups get around the popup blockers?

I would like to know BOTH of how to's, one on HOW-TO: If user is using popupblocker, go to noads.html and ask them politely to turn it off, and the other one HOW-TO: If user is using popup blocker, they open anyways,

I read somewhere that someone knew how to get around popup blockers already, something about putting popup scripts in an hidden iframe or a small iframe on the page? Does this really work and do people like Robert from SI approve of that? It seems sorta like attempting to cheat, by hidding the true referrer, but it's just trying to be honest.

Someone mentioned in this thread earlier about they are afraid for fastclicks once popup blockers become bigger? lol, I feel really baddly for companies like SI , YESUP, Oversee, etc...

These companies have SEVERAL branches, but in each of them you see they each own like 4-8 different smaller popup companies. This means their MAIN PROFIT and SALES are from POPUPS and POPUNDERS~!

OMG, IMHO if Microsoft really does install a free popup blocker DEFAULT into the next IE, my websites will completely fall apart, my domain name renewals ALONE (63 X 8.95 a year = 563.85) plus I buy more domains each week, will kill me then add the cost of the server (300 mo.) and all it's mantience time and stuff ...
I'm scared just to think about it... (

I hope Robert is working on a plan for WHEN, not if Microsoft puts a popup blocker in IE. They wouldn't have mentioned it or brought it up if they weren't really thinking about doing it seriously.
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