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Ted, I really appreciate your response, I don't think it is as complicated mathmatical for I've examined the other website and it seems to be setup like this:

If the house is 0 to 2500 square feet= $388.80

2501 to 3000 = 416.70
3001 to 3500 = 447.30
3501 to 4000 = 480.60

it seems that you can put any number of square ft in the blank and it gives you the closest price within the variables.

the scheduler seems to be an automailer of some sort where the customer picks date and time and the office is alerted via e-mail...they only promise to be there at that time. It doesn't actually enter the time in middleton's computer or anything.

What is your viewpoint on this? The type of insects only give the pest guys general idea of what the customer observed not raise price at all.

Thanks for any help... And if you can create this or have links to such I'd appreciate it. Please E-mail me price.. I am small company, but I'd like to place this online.


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