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Hello members and visitors,

Thank you for your continued support and valuable contributions. Our Making Money Forum - Closed for posts thread at is closed for comments. I am eternally grateful for the valuable posts in this thread and numerous emails I have received. Iíve expressed my candid views on our recent "abuse" in this thread so I won't repeat them in this post. I'm filled with a renewed sense of passion and dedication for your Community. I encourage those of you who have not read the complete thread to do so.

Effective immediately, our old Help Using This BB Forum has a new focus, name, and rules. This Forum is named Test Posts. All questions or comments on this BB or your Membership should only use our Feedback Form at:

Effective immediately, some threads/topics which contain "abuse" will be immediately moved out of the public BB into a secure holding area for my review. These threads have no useful content for the majority of our members. In most instances, these threads/topics will never be moved back into the public Forum. This procedure, which was suggested by several members, has several advantages. Abusers no longer have their "15 minutes of fame", the BB content remains "clean" and useful, it helps to maintain civility, and lowers the signal to noise ratio. Unfortunately, our current technology does not permit us to leave a note behind.

In a few moments our Making Money Forum will open. I'm confident that we can return to meaningful discussions consistent with our rules and our new Posting Guide. I encourage all of you to read this Guide BEFORE you post. Especially item 5. This Guide is effective immediately. Links are available throughout our BB or here:

Finally, my sincere apologies to most of our members and visitors for the closing of our Making Money Forum. See you in the Making Money Forum.

Best Regards,
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