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I've gotten a few emails on how I go about finding advertisers. The best way is look for companies already advertising. Find out who is advertising on your competitions sites. Contact the advertisers and inform them you are running ads at a discount from your rate card (you must have a rate card and list prices 50% higher than what you actually charge and list many ad packages and make it simple for the novice ad buyer to understand. Lots of companies don't know CPM, CPC, etc. they want to pay $500 for 1 month period). Many times you'll also get companies that see your rate card and agree to the terms and costs in them.

Have a newsletter and send out monthly to past and potential adbuyers. Let them know whats going on with your site, offer an incentive to buy ads. I frequently use the 'book 3 months now, get $100 off'. 90% of the ads I sell are from sending a newsletter to adbuyers with companies and I generally get a response within 3-5 days, so send it out on Sunday or Monday so it doesn't get lost in the shuffle.

Pick up a magazine and see who is advertising in them. If they are spending money on magazine ads, they have a decent ad budget. Don't be afraid to go after the smaller ads. They are the easiest to book in my opinion.

I have mentioned it before, have a relationship with adreps at the companies like Fast Click, Burst, Casale, etc. There have been so many times when I'll just drop them an email for no apparent reason and they'll take a look at my site again, make a cooment, and a few days later i'll have a nice targeted campaign. 3 weeks ago I msg'd the media buyer for a ad company I use as I heard they did a big targeted buy and my site wasn't included. After 3 mins of BS'ing, I was included in the campaign...and extra $2500 Net for me.

I'll post some more things as I think of them...been up since 2am and am tired...but the Simpsons season premiere is on soon.
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