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Originally posted by kams7ue
.. but I think what they are referring that As a general rule that publisher only uses ONE (and only one) sky and ONE leaderbd per page. (not just by them, but total of 1 and 1 ad.).
This is what i figured out. Or am i missing something here...
I'm not sure if I understand you:

Description of Violation(s):

1. Multiple Ad Placements: As a general rule, Publishers within the Casale Media network are required to display maximum of one 728x90 leaderboard and a maximum of one 120x600 skyscraper per page.
2. Active X Content. Casale Media ads are being served on pages within your property that spawn Active X prompts and/or automatic downloads of trojans.

So what they say is you can run the following on an page:
1 leaderboard
1 sky

So you can have both on one page.

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