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Default AOL puts another nail in the pop coffin

I realize there was an earlier thread about this but figured it was long enough and this was important enough to put this in a new thread. Mods if you disagree feel free to merge the threads.

Just heard on the TV news today that AOL is making available a free pop blocker for download to their users. And worse the next version of the AOL software will include the pop blocking feature. No word on whether it'll be enabled by default.

It's clear that this was the next step for AOL to ward off the threat by Earthlink. It also seems pretty clear to me that MSN will likely be next. I highly suspect that within 9 months to a year most of the ISPs will make some form of pop blocker available to their users.

My prediction - a year from now 40-50% of the internet users will have a pop blocker installed.

Wild speculation - as pops are increasingly blocked and continue to fall out of favor the larger sites will increasingly use layer ads. Smaller sites will increasingly use multiple pops in an effort to save their revenue. My hope is that layer ads will largely be available only to larger well established sites and so we won't see as much of a demand for software to block them. Though this will increase the trend of more and more of the online advertising dollars going to the top sites and less to the smaller sites.
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