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I agree with Robert, this forum's guidelines are probably a key factor in its loyal member base. This is one of the only forums that I know of where I know I will not see any "Check out this great new program I found" SPAM messages.

I never fear getting banned from here, because I don't post any links at all in my non-existent signature and I try to make sure that all of my posts are fair to all parties mentioned.

I think people are starting to push the legal envelope as far as advertising methods, but they usually come to this forum in an attempt to find out if their methods are legal. We have had many long threads in recent months discussing legal issues involved with website development and advertising (many of which were just hypothetical situations), and we could definately use a few lawyers in here to check the facts. The world wide web has only been around for a short time, and there is no legal precedent concerning some issues that have been brought up. Of course, many of the people that have participated in illegal/border line legal activities realize that what they are doing is unethical. But they have the right to decide if they are willing to risk their reputation to make a little $$$.
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