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:::They were always just very convenient because their wide range of stock. I'll never stop using them because it would be a huge undertaking to replace their links, even though all my sites are automated in that respect. So I'm stuck with them.

That's exactly why I'm using them. They offer so many items and let you link to any itme!! Plus there the most populer store on the internet, and when you get big fat checks from them, it's real hard to stop using them. Plus, thanks to AWS, I'm now able to make over 700 SSI pages in one day advertising products, thanks to making a few changes to Mr. Rats COOL script!!!!! It might suprise you but until the end of last month I was always bashing and flaming the AWS services!!! That changed after testing it out and seeing a huge increase in 'Add to Shopping Cart' orders!!! When I run out of new ways to advertise them, and new products to advertise, then I'll try other Affiliet programs, but I got a long way to go until I run out!!!!

I think of the first 10 months of the year as geting ready for the holiday season!!!! Last year I made about $400 per quarter for the first three quarters, then the holiday season came geting me around $3,700 even though I didn't do any Amazon work during the first two quarters of that year. Thanks to a lot of work and new ideas since November, I made $1,821.34 during the last quarter, so I see a HUGE holiday season this year. So no, I don't plan on leaving Amazon!!!!
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