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Domain transfers generally take about one week.

Has the losing registrar approved the transfer yet? I've noticed that registrars don't get in too big of a hurry to transfer domains AWAY from their system. When it comes to losing customers, it's not a high priority.

000domains will be able to tell you the current status of a domain transfer if you email them. For instance, here's the status on a domain that was transferred to me today:

Transfer Information:
Transfer Status: Pending Owner Approval
Owner Request Date: 1:53 pm Apr 2, 2001
Owner Confirmation Date: N/A
Registry Request Date: N/A

Once the losing registrar approves the transfer, OpenSRS will (usually) have everything done within a day or two.

You *should* get an email from when the transfer is complete. I always send out a thank you email once the transfer process is done.

Since you asked for "best case, worst case," I'll say that the AVERAGE domain transfer takes about 7 days (including weekends). They can take up to two weeks, and the best case would be about three days.

Hope this helps answer your questions.....

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