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I am selling a group of 5 websites at - Where Puzzles Gravitate ( About 10 UV a day) - Where Gamers Gravitate ( About 10 UV a day) - Where Otakus Gravitate (About 100 UV a day) - Where Images Gravitate (About 1500 UV a day) - Where MMOs Gravitate (About 50 UV a day)

The websites started with, which was the premier download spot for MMOs, hosting all of’s game downloads in 2009. Since then I have not had time to work on the sites and they remain dormant, but even though no one touches them they still get a decent amount of traffic.

The sites where developed by a small team overseas that are very cheap and are always around if anything breaks. also has a mailing list of 340,000+ emails on its newsletter that I will include in the sell. This newsletter is from people that downloaded games from the site, before we removed that feature in 2010.
The MMOgravity forum was also once pretty active with 10k post, Owned vbulletin license IS included and Owned vBSEO license IS included with this site.

Total cost to me for site development was $11,000. But as with any labor of love you never see a return on your money.

I am asking $8,000 or best offer.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
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