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It's 2 updates later and I while I think it will could become the standard in another year or so, at this time I still find it a 'work in progress'.

It is well supported with forums and tutorials for those with the time and ambition. I'm sure some people can make it 'sing' but the interface is not at all intuitive and far to spartan for me.

Here's a list of new features from their latest email.

Updated Features and Recent Improvements
Ad Network Orders - Introducing a new and improved way to manage your ad networks and remnant inventory. With network orders, you can set unlimited flight dates as well as daily impression caps.

Day and Time Targeting - Don't want your orders to run on weekends? No problem. With day and time targeting, you can set any new line items you create to run only during specific hours or days, or as little as 15 minutes per week.

Bookmark Reports - You can now use your web browser to bookmark custom reports to easily revisit them at any time.

AdSense Reporting Update - In your inventory reports you can elect to view AdSense data for AdSense ads served through Ad Manager. This data will now reflect ad units, not the individual ads as previously reported. For example, if your AdSense skyscraper unit contains four separate text ads, your reports will now only reflect the performance for the single skyscraper unit.

Additional Report Segmenting Options - Your delivery and sales reports now have the ability to be segmented by targeting criteria. Additionally, all of your reports can now be segmented by line item reservation type.

New Delivery Pacing - Any new orders that you create will use our new delivery pacing. Line items will now run slightly ahead of schedule to ensure they complete on time. Your line items also now have the ability to more aggressively "catch up" if they fall behind schedule.

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