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(I've been a lurker for many, many, many years, since I was 16ish, I'm 25 now, and finally decided to register.)

I had the fortune of being accepted to the Google Ad Manager beta. Truthfully I'd give it a C right now--I'm going to remain with OpenX for the time being. Once Google evolves the product though I'm sure it'll rate higher, we can't be too critical of a beta product

Biggest positives:
-- It's free
-- I'm sure it'll improve at a rapid clip
-- The targeting/frequency capping options are neat

Biggest negatives:
-- It has one of the steepest learning curves of any ad server I've used, not elegant at all IMO (reminds me of Atlas vs. AdvertPro/OpenX...)
-- It allows you to upload flash banners BUT it requires clickTags for all click tracking, which is silly
-- There's no way to roadblock advertisements
-- For flash ads you can't set the embed parameter to opaque or transparent

I can't see many large publishers adopting it; more hobbyists/blogs at this point, but I'm optimistic in a year or two it'll be a player in features/functionality. I'm looking forward to the hosted offering by OpenX as well.

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