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Default Re: too late

Originally posted by coolbuddy
dude,Its nice idea but pretty late.
Now everybody is thinking of 2004-2005 fiscal numbers.
There's not a company on planet Earth who will be able to verify their 2004-2005 numbers for months, whereas we're right in the middle of reporting season for 2003-2004 fiscal in most major markets right now.

In fact, unless I'm mistaken, the US fiscal year ends September 30, which means that this post is being made a mere 22 days after the close of 2003-2004 fiscal. No meaningful numbers are likely to emerge before then so unless you're interested in working from projections, I don't know how this thread could be construed as late.

Admittedly, those based in Canada, India or Japan, for example, may have long closed the books on 2003-2004, but they're still nowhere near finalising next year results given that my calendar still says we're in 2004.

Am I missing something? Is it too confusing working from fiscal years rather than calendar?

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