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Default Poll: What is your pre-tax net profit for fiscal year 2003-2004?

Greetings fellow geeks,

In what has become somewhat of an annual tradition around here, the time has come once again to run a confidential earnings poll to track the general state of the online advertising/web publishing industry through a sample of our membership.

Previous polls:
2001 calendar year -
2002 calendar year -

In the interests of consistency and tradition, this poll will share the same criteria as Steve's previous efforts, with the one significant change being its focus on fiscal/financial years rather than calendar years. The reasoning behind this is that reports generated for tax reporting processes are more likely to give an accurate representation of a company's annual earnings activity than a calendar-year report.

Time span:
As per the discussion below, it's is clear that many of us work from different fiscal years. The figure that should be put forth in the poll response above must reflect gross operating profits generated by our members during their last complete annual reporting period. This can be July 03 - June 04 if that is your standard financial year, Jan 03 - Dec 03 if you have aligned your financial and calendar years, etc.

The following instructions are an approximate replication of those used in last year's poll:


2 digits: $US 10.00+
3 digits: $US 100.00+
4 digits: $US 1000.00+
5 digits: $US 10000.00+
6 digits: $US 100000.00+


"What is your pre-tax net profit for fiscal year 2002/2003?"

1) See above. Please use the 12-month period accepted as the financial/tax year in the country in which your company/business is based.

2) "pre-tax net profit" for the purposes of this poll and a ballpark definition for self employed folks is :

I cashed checks for $12,000.00 in INCOME from CPA, CPM, and CPC campaigns during the last financial year. That's your gross and NOT your net. It's never your NET as all business have expenses.

I spent a total of $7,000.00 for the period 1/1/02 through 12/31/02 for EXPENSES like hosting, advertising, custom coding work, rent, salaries, graphic artists fees.

My "...pre-tax net profit for calendar year 2002" is NOT $12,000.00. My pre-tax net is:

$12,000.00 minus $7,000.00 = $5,000.00

3) Comments often heard: Dude1: "Dude! I'm making 3k per month.

Dude2: Are you positive of this? Is that number gross or net? Is that number after you pay your taxes? Is that number your pre tax net?

Dude1: <gulp>

Please post in this thread if you require any clarification. Good luck and thank you for assisting to generate an accurate presentation of our membership's progress from year to year.

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