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Great Post larwee and the replies almost cover most of the ascpects.

So for new affilaites or newcomers if we can call them, my advice is first to try out a few CPA programms coz its much more easier to get a lead with a CPA program rather than juming directly to a CPS programm, I guess its the first few leads that would give you the boost.

Keep on trying new CPA programs coz if it clicks it can generate a lot of $$$, but again dont promote more than 3-4 programms at a time, may newcommers put a lot of affilaites links from 'n' programms, keep it limited to a few.

If a programm hasent given you results say even after you send in a 100-125 clicks its time to move on, personally I keep trying new programms say out of 25 may be one or two work out so you got to keep searching and trying it out.

(PS: Larwee I always read most of your post, and I guess most of the other do so dont lose heart)
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