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Catalyst (Linda), I am so glad that you posted a reply to this thread that I started, and I REALLY mean that.

I've done a lot of posting here at Geek/Talk. I have made it a point to try to be interesting as well as to provide something that will be of help to others. That is just the role that I established for myself as a Geek/Talk member.

Many of my threads have been popular and received a large number of views and a larage number of responses. They possibly were also interesting and helpful to a number of people.

There have been times I've started a thread that I thought would be very interesting and helpfult a lot of people and it received little or no attention. I am disappointed when that happens.

I was extremely disappointed in the lack of response for this thread. I put a lot of thought, attention and time into posting it in hopes of being a big help to some people who are new to affiliate marketing. However it ended up being ignored and soon forgotten. That is until you finally made a fantastic reply.

What bothered me was the fact that there are new people having serious problems and needing help with affiliate
programs. They need as much help as they can get and some turn to places such as Geek/Talk for help.

I thought it would be very helpful to have a thread that would give the newbie tips in selecting affiliate programs because doing that is something that is so critical to a newbie.

With so many bright members here at Geek/Talk I was honestly expecting several people to post tips that would be helpful to the newbie. I was both surprised and disappointed that it didn't happen.

I started this by giving a few tips. You gave your reply in which you added several great tips. So perhaps there is still some hope.

Possibly a few people who are new to all of this will read this thread and find a few tips that will be a big help to them.

I started this thread by saying "we were all newbies at one time". Those of us who have leared through experience can do so much to help those who are new and in need of assistance.

With a little luck, or possibly a lot of luck, some other Geek/Talk members will be like you Catalyst and add some more affiliate program selecting tips for newbies.
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