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Default Newbie affiliate program selecting tips

We were all newbies at one time and probably can relate to some of the problems faced by newbies.

I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread to help newbies in selecting affiliate programs.

Other Geek/Talk members can add their suggestions or punch holes in some of what I've said.

Often a newbie gets involved because he or she thinks that with little or no work they are quickly going to have piles of money. Many of them give up when they find out it usually doesn't happen that way.

Many times they will join affiliate programs in hopes of making their fortune. They join lots and lots of them to help them make an even larger fortune. Most are soon very disappointed.

Here are a few tips I think would be helpful to the newbie:

Select affiliate programs that would be of interest to visitors to your site and always keep that in mind.

Before you join any affiliate program go to a site such as Geek/Talk and check out the affiliate program. Seek information about it from those with more experience.

Keep in mind that in many cases text links will perform better than banners. But try both.

It helps to know something about the product or service the affiliate program is trying to sell. This way you can write something about the product or service that will help the prospect to become more interested and click your link.

Consideration should also be given to programs which are giving things away rather than selling something. All the prospect has to do is furnish some brief simple information in order for you to earn a commission. This can make it easier to earn money when getting started.

Your affiliate program has a landing page that will do the selling for you. Make sure they have a professional looking page and one that does a good job of selling.

Customer service is important. Does the affiliate program make it easy for you to contact them? Do they make it easy for you to track your stats?

Don't be disappointed if only 1% or 2% of the clicks result in sales. This is normal. It might even be less than 1% or 2%. Don't expect 40% to 50% of the clicks to result in sales. This isn't normal.

When just getting started you should go with programs that have a low minimum to reach for payment and that pays fairly quickly. This is so it will make you see your reward without waiting a long time and therefore encourage you not to give up.

These are just a few basics for newbies. I left out several things I could have included so that other Geek/Talk members could add some additional tips and give you different points of view.
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