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Originally posted by jokearound
is it possible to change the look of the layer ad? can we make it look like a regular IE window?
As you host the frame graphics, you can modify it to whatever you'd like. They need to be the same dimensions though.

can you make the layer draggable like a real window?
The #1 question I get from everyone. We had the code in there, but we were trying to make the solution as lean as possible. Maybe we'll make it an option.

is there going to be a bulk discount for multiple domains?
$60 for multiple domains owned by the same individual or company.

can providers add the code to their own so they are basically paying on our behalf? (I imagine that would benefit them massively)
I'm not at liberty to say whom, but we've been talking to a couple of provider's about this. The solution would be them either placing the code in their distribution system or purchasing a bulk license where their users get a free copy (that only works with their ads).

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