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Default Google introduces distributed computing

Pretty cool if you have the Google Toolbar. I especially like the idea that I'm helping aid research into genetic diseases.

Google would like to request your help on Google Compute, a new feature for the Google Toolbar. By turning on this feature, you allow your computer to work on complex problems when it would otherwise be idle. The work it does is automatically sent via the Internet to researchers who combine it with information sent by thousands of other users.

The first beneficiary of this effort is Folding@home, a non-profit research project at Stanford University that is trying to understand the structure of proteins so they can develop better treatments for a number of illnesses. In the future Google Compute may allow you to donate your computing time to other worthwhile endeavors, including projects to improve Google and its services.

The Google Compute feature of the Google Toolbar shouldn't affect your regular computing activities and you can easily disable it at any time for any reason.
[EDIT: Found something important in the FAQ...]

Google is gradually releasing Google Compute to its users, so it is possible that your computer received the invitation but another computer you know of did not. This feature will eventually be released to all toolbar users. If you want to try it out beforehand please contact us at, and we will send you instructions on how to enable it on your machine.

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