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i`ve got the same email too. Though i asked a few questions and got some answers already:

Some quotes:

"We have been in business since late 1999. Our true business model was not affective till late 2000 though."

"Before we can accurately evaluate what kind of cpm we can give you we need to know your sites current statistics, these include but are not limited to monthly pageviews, impressions, uniques, bandwidth usage etc."

a few of their sites:,, xtreme-,,

in other words they want to "buy" my site. What will it include?

1. i`ll move it to their sever ( and give them the total control over my site and the whole. though they said that i`ll have "editorial control". heh

2. i`ll have to put their logo on every of my pages. that means i`ll promote their network for free.

3. they will have an exclusive rights on the ads on "my" site

4. what will i get in exchange? the possibility to show valueclick`s banners (just found that every site in their "network" have VC banners).

smart guys, dont they

i`ll let you know about the following answers from them.
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