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A few more snippets of data care of the magic of Google...

As Steve noted, the main site's directory is simply an ODP feed. Added to this, their shopping channels are nothing but affiliate links, and their free email is powered by (which, while it may suit many, is arguably not the best sign of a major media network whose "Management" page (now available only through Google cache) is loaded with names of Directors and Board Members - and claims of stable profitability.)

One of Haignet's former vertical networks:
One of the sites they seem to have purchased in 2000:
One of their present web properties - featuring freeware content and ValueClick ad support (others noted above had broken banners from AffiliateTarget, so its unlikely that Haignet have excess banner inventory):

No sign of any significant properties owned or controlled by the company as yet, which may be seen as surprising given that they've been soliciting sites for several months (ie note the start date of this thread).

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