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Default Same story here

I got this email too:

Dear ****,
I am Joe Hirsch with the Haignet Media Network. We are a network of the web's most popular sites and services under the Haignet umbrella. We add sites such as yours to the network and pay the webmasters/owners monthly payments for displaying Haignet ads. Lately, we have been looking
for a site that has music searching capabilities. We view your site as the leader in this area, and would like to extend this offer to you to join our network.

Before we talk here are some considerations:

* We promote your site across our high traffic network.
* We handle any legal issues
* We provide whatever resources are necessary
* We handle all business issues (including expense and revenues)
* You maintain editorial and content control of your website.
* We pay for hosting, and other costs
* You receive up to an unlimited amount monthly

If you are interested in joining the Haignet Media Network call us at ********** or just respond to one of the following:


Thank you for your time and cooperation, we hope to hear from you soon.

Joe Hirsch
Haignet Media Inc.

This all with the subject line: partnership.
I will try to figure out more about this and when I know more; I will put it here!
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